Crushed by Camikaze's "This Burden"



Fresh industrial influence meets Airospace's blistering rap and Luna May's mellow vocals in Camikaze's "This Burden."

Capturing the depth of emotion of the human experience, Camikaze set it to music in this stunning new tune.

"This Burden" goes places. It's an adventurous track with touches of angst, anger and hope tossed together harmoniously. Love vs Hate. Fire vs Water.

Think Depeche Mode tackling a new age and stumbling into dubstep. Think hectic, heartfelt and awesome.

The light will guide you on your way...

Light cups a curved horizon. Cityscape meets the forest's edge. Plastic refuse rides the wind overhead, grasps at branches.


A feuding mass are given pause to stand in awe. Decorated in debris, monolithic trees stand in the distance - staving off the wind of a twisted holiday.

Arms clatter at their feet.

This burden... It's all on you.

There's definite dubstep in "This Burden" - contributing to the breakdown feel of the song.

The buildup into tribal serenity is especially impressive, the final string of vocals, immersive. Luna May and Airospace offer up such a perfectly antagonistic dynamic... Aggression collides with serenity to a finely tuned techno-heavy arrangement.

With a wealth of elements involved, Camikaze manage not to overcrowd the track with more than what's needed. Each sample breathes life into "This Burden," from the almost alien, technocratic intro to the underwater serenity of Luna May's segments. Top notch.

"This Burden" is a decade's emotions confined to 4 and 1/2 minutes. Rapid-fire ups and downs color it all shades of feel.

Shuck the burden and listen for yourself.

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