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Even though superheroes are better at stopping crime than cops, there's always more crime in superhero movies than in real life.

But, I digress...

Crime stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below...

Becky's Doll

Something is lurking in the house.

Allison could almost feel the vicious cold stares of someone on her skin.

She knew that something was seriously wrong.

But she dismisses it off as her paranoid thoughts until her little sister, Becky unexpectedly shrieked expletives and threw a dining chair at their mother, one night during dinner.

Subsequently, their mother admitted Becky to an asylum.

No one but Allison suspected something other than a psychological problem was bothering the six year old.

Something dark and sinister.

Something that's beyond all your beliefs.

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Becky's Doll on Wattpad

Looking for help to protect myself from an old "friend"

Hi everyone, I searched around and found this subreddit after having a less than satisfactory experience with a medium this morning. I hope this is an appropriate place to share this story and ask for some direction or guidance on next steps.

I'll start by saying I am someone who very deeply believes in "the afterlife" or whatever you'd like to call it. I come from very superstitious cultures and it's very deeply ingrained in me. And secondly, this story involves a real person who died last year so I'll be doing my best to keep the details to the minimum about them and their life (except for their relationship to me) out of respect.

Context during their life:

So this is a person I met when I moved to a new city in 2016. I was looking for friends from my same culture and found this person. We weren't besties by any stretch of the imagination, and they engaged in a lot of behaviours I didn't approve of resulting in hurting some people, but for a couple years, this person was all I had in a sense. We did a lot of things together including going to concerts and even a vacation.

Then a couple years in, they completely flipped a switch on me. Slandered me, lied about me to the community saying I was sleeping with people I wasn't sleeping with, etc etc. Nasty stuff. I had to block them on social media because they kept escalating and threatening me, for doing nothing in the most literal sense: not responding, not engaging. I was actually afraid they'd physically harm me and someone else I knew that they didn't like who was in my life at the time.

A lot of toxic stuff happened in the years following that I won't outline because it'd be a novel, but about a year before their death they asked our community social worker to reach out to me and ask to reconnect so they could apologize to me. They had officially been blocked from every platform and in every way, but were still using random phone numbers to contact me with cryptic messages. It was the fresh beginning of the pandemic and I was home alone so I said sure, why not. Bring on the drama I'm sick of Netflix lol. I gave the social worker my email address to pass along.

I'm sure you can guess but they unleashed their toxicity on me again. So I just ignored them after a few exchanges. I saw them in person once, when the restrictions lightened for a brief period of time in my city, and was polite but didn't engage. That was about that.

After death:

The same social worker called me last year to tell me this person died. It was quite shocking, but wasn't a violent death or tragic accident or anything.

Months later I graduated from a death doula program and am now practicing. I have an Instagram where I just post my thoughts or educational resources. So early in this new year when a friend of mine asked me to post some thoughts about the stigmatization of "not grieving enough" when someone dies I was like tea, I have a personal example to use. Because truly and honestly I was healed for a long time before they died and I wasn't grieving beyond feeling sadness and shock for the community and loved ones this person left behind. I was quite emotionally separated from them at that point, I mean to say. So I made a post, of course sans identifying details, about how I think it's okay to not be devastated and not "grieve enough" when a toxic person in your life dies.

Inserting a statement here to say let's pretend this person's name is Spongebob lol idk.

THREE DAYS LATER. On my death doula account. I get one of those notifications all "Spongebob, one of your contacts, is on Instagram. You should follow them" or whatever. At the time I was like oh okay, this person's cell phone number is still in my phone (except it wasn't, I blocked and deleted from my old number AND I'd gotten a completely new number before this happened, but that completely slipped my mind at the time). Creepy but not enough to get me in panic mode (because I forgot about the phone numbers thing lol).

Then, it started escalating (classic lol), until they were invading my dreams every night. I had not dreamt of them ever before. And yes, they were being very toxic towards me in my dreams. This person and I were from the same culture as mentioned, so I tried everything -- smudging, sweetgrass above the doors, salt and cedar in the corners of my rooms, dreamcatchers above my bed. Nothing worked. Nothing. So I reached out to a friend of mine who is Palestinian and a practicing witch, and she told me to wear an evil eye. I got a necklace and it worked pretty well! I've not taken it off since. I had one dream where they almost slipped through, everyone in the dream was talking about them, it was ABOUT them, but they weren't there. That was it.

Until yesterday. I got another Instagram "Spongebob, one of your contacts, blah blah blah" notification. This time, it was on my pets' account. I had a pet die within a few weeks of this person last year, and that account is still named after him because I can't bring myself to change it. I've spoken to a pet medium who told me my little buddy came back to be with his mommy instead of staying in "heaven" (I cried for days after hearing that y'all). And that was confirmed to me by signs in our own way the days after the medium told me that.

I reached out to my same friend again, the witch, and she told me it sounds like the fact that it came through on my pet's account is a sign that my little buddy is "on the case" lol ready to protect me. But she also recommended I check in with a medium. So I did, and got the response this morning.

The Medium's Reading:

So this is honestly the first time I've ever been gaslit gatekept girlbossed by a medium lmao. I gave her the whole spiel, and she came back to me saying "Yeah I don't think Spongebob is haunting you, they just want your forgiveness. Open the window and tell Spongebob it's time to move on."

So none this correlates to Spongebob's life MO or death MO as per my opinion. Spongebob didn't want my forgiveness, they wanted me to stop preventing them from causing harm to me lol. Additionally, smudging (praying and lighting sage and other medicines, if you don't know) with the window open clearly didn't get rid of Spongebob. Additionally as per my doula training, therapy to recover from a narcissistic family system, and spiritual beliefs, I don't believe toxic people change. Not when they're dying, not when they're dead.

ADDITIONALLY, I actually wrote a whole poem about Spongebob several months after they died expressing how I accept what happened between us and I wish them the best on their journey. I don't know that I really believe in "forgiveness" per se but yeah. I've long been over it.

The medium also told me to double check that I have Spongebob's email addresses deleted as contacts from whichever emails I have connected to my Instagram. The email I have connected to my Instagram is an ancient one I stopped using years before I even met Spongebob, I double checked that this morning. Phone number was updated to my new one too.

Honestly it just has the energy of when you go to the police about a stalker (I've been listening to all of Strictly Stalking lately lol I love true crime) and they're just like... "Have you tried being nice to them? They just want to be your friend" lol. It really felt like this medium didn't even connect with Spongebob or anything, just rolled her eyes and was like "here's what's probably REALLY happening, run along with my quick fix, silly little girl".

Final thoughts:

Thank you if you've read this whole thing lol.

Have any of you had a similar experience? How did it resolve? What are some things you did or talismanssymbols you used that worked?

I do genuinely believe that this person is still trying to mess with my life from "the beyond", and am actually quite afraid because I have to do a performance in July during which I'll be suspended quite high from the ceiling, and can't wear any jewelry (i.e. the evil eye).

Posted on Reddit by amyappik.

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Theory: Earth is NOT an Ant Farm OR Cosmic Zoo

EDIT: Read the comments, I explain more.

Consider this: Earth is NOT an ant farm OR a cosmic zoo. It's a bioengineering laboratory.

If we had the capability to create other sentient beings, we'd immediately outlaw it, same as we did for cloning. It stands to reason that other species might behave similarly. But, that doesn't mean ALL of them would abide the law, same as us.

It is generally believed by Earth scientists our star system is surrounded by the "Oort Cloud", a hypothetical (only because we haven't physically SEEN the objects there) sphere of 1012 objects like comets n such. That's quite a lot of material to block our tiny star's output from an outside perspective. Couple that with the theory that life is more likely to spring up CLOSER to the center of the galaxy where there is vastly more energy to consume and the fact that our system is on the backwater edge of the Orion Arm and it stands to reason we might actually be very difficult to spot in the skies of other worlds excepting by our transmissions which are still hundreds to tens of thousands of years away from reaching them. That makes right here a prime location to conduct illegal experiments without being noticed by anyone outside the system.

Could also be the answer to why there is a ridiculous level of diversity on this planet, even within the species themselves. And who would want their illegally made sentient beings to advance enough to get to the stellar level? Not the makers, they'll be busted and suffer whatever punishments there may be for such crimes in their society. It's a loss if that happens so they misinform us, keep us divided, and continually "stir the pot" down here to prevent us from unifying because only through unification can we advance further than the current stage.

Could also explain the multiple alien races if we consider that at least some of our makers were already caught. Perhaps THAT is the reason "Gods" no longer walk among us openly. Our makers didn't fear to back when, we are harmless to them, but their captors might adopt a "well they're sentient so we have to let them evolve naturally" kind of tone and keep themselves hidden. Makers still at large would also keep themselves hidden as to avoid detection by their captors.

But imagine as the benevolent captors you watch this species evolve RAPIDLY and get to a point where they have the capability to join you but are utterly wrecking their perfect world (which may be a rarity) faster than they're going to get to you. You'd want to help them but you cannot do it directly, so you find other ways; appearing in the sky, telepathic communication, influencing the influencers, etc. Your enemies adopt the same practices; hence Earth's legends of gods and mythical creatures that suspiciously are all similar to one another despite these cultures having no contact.

Kinda makes a little too much sense to me, especially when reading ancient mythologies. The Sumerians, Hindus, and Abrahamic religions (and I'm sure others) speak of wars between the gods. To me it's almost like The Seven Tablets and Mahabharata are from the perspective of the "gods" and The Torah, The Bible, and The Quran are from the perspective of Earth humans. The Egyptian and Greek mythologies also tell similaridentical stories and the mythologies of the Americas seem to line up to key parts in the stories from across the world such as when "gods" were banished in Mesopotamia and arrive in the Americas to start a new civilization.

It's a lot to get into; thoughts?

Posted on Reddit by MahlonMurder.

The Francisco Paranormal Encounters 1: M For Maria

The Francisco Paranormal Encounters 1.

COMPLETED] One message, one tragedy, one witness.

How far will one girl go with amnesia? Emma Francisco had been handed out a house for sale practically for free.

And since she was desperate to get a place to stay for a while in a new town, she accepted without much thought.

Until she found an old cassette in the attic while cleaning the house and realised that she encountered a price she never thought she'd ever pay.



S FOR SIMON 17 in recordings - 25032020 7 in beyondthegrave - 25032020 On Wattpad- Started: Sunday, 30 September 2018 Ended: Friday, 09 August 2019

The Francisco Paranormal Encounters 1: M For Maria on Wattpad

"You shall pay for your crimes, you heretic and false prophet!" I said, raising my blade high to unleash the final blow.

Some kids scattered, some watched in fear, as the mall Santa was stabbed one more fatal time by the disheveled-looking middle-aged woman.

Posted on Reddit by FlightyFlare.

Return of the Black Eyed Children

The legend of the Black Eyed Children.

Several have heard about it, and some fortunate ones have lived to tell about it.

So, could these creatures really exist? That's what detectives Adam Scott and his partner Chris Owens are about to find out.

Called out to a homicide, they expect to find the usual.

But what they discover chills them to the bone; the bodies of a male and female lying on the floor, their skin turned white as a ghost.

The only witness is a teenage girl who claims it was three children, with the blackest eyes...

she's ever seen.

Hello everyone.

I'm humbled and honored that you've taken the time to check out my story.

If you haven't heard the legend of "The Black Eyed Children" then I encourage you to look them up on Google or YouTube before you read the first chapter.

This is my version of the legend and of course my own twist to the story.

Please comment and let me know what you think!!! And feel free to check out my homepage.

All my stories are Paranormal.

Thanks again and I hope you'll enjoy it...

Return of the Black Eyed Children on Wattpad

The "ultimate detective" as he was called by the media solved his first crime at age 9, when he discovered the killer of a local businessman.

30 years later and still no one realizes that all the cases he solves are just clever framejobs.

Posted on Reddit by FlightyFlare.

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