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Despite murder being a worse crime than sexual assault, its seen as more forgivable.

Considering that...

The crazy crime stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

Criminal Beware: The Lykanos Chronicles - 1

California, 1922.

A growing coastal city is gripped by terror.

The savaged remains of a third victim are discovered in the central park.

Police find no suspect or motive to explain the violent deaths, nor any link between the victims.

Signs are posted throughout the city's neighborhoods to warn: CRIMINAL BEWARE - You Are Being Watched When Daniel Archer arrives in San Diego, he is seized by a dark vision of the city's next murder.

The young hotel executive has relocated from New York to take control of the luxurious U.S.

Grant Hotel.

Gabrielle Roussade, a wealthy young heiress and significant hotel shareholder, welcomes Archer with a dinner party thrown in his honor.

An evening of introductions and greetings is brought to a halt when Archer is assaulted by the terrifying image of a dinner guest's throat being viciously ripped from his body.

When Archer's vision soon comes true, Roussade and her remaining guests find themselves at the center of a criminal investigation.

In search of a protector, the young man becomes the heiress's closest confidant and lover.

Will Archer's continued visions save Roussade from a killer's savage wrath? The Lykanos Chronicles are dark fantasy, stand-alone memoirs that may be read independently.

Criminal Beware: The Lykanos Chronicles - 1 on Wattpad

I have to admit, being on a crime scene cleanup crew isnt for everyone

But Im enjoying the benefits; one more decent homicide case and Ill have enough spare skin for my suit

Posted on Reddit by Gallows123.

More Like This

We finally managed to tag the most gargantuan fish known to man to track for our research.

Our horror that something ate it in one gulp was surpassed only by the pure terror that it knew to spit out the tracker.

Posted on Reddit by PIlawPA.

Just Five Times

Five People.

Five Crimes.

Five Threats.

One Murder.

One Witness.

One Diary.

. . . . I wish I could say it all started with one murder, but it started way gefore that. Most wish there was only one murder, but fate never let that happen. . . . . . Faye Mathews witnesses a murder, the next day she finds a diary filled with the deepest, darkest secrets of the IT gang in school. She starts realising the reason of each one of their murders. . . . . - A Paranormal Short Story -

Just Five Times on Wattpad

The investigator arrived at the crime scene, ready to analyze the victim.

But even the worlds greatest detective couldnt explain why he was looking down at himself.

Posted on Reddit by NakedSnake1999.

They say they'll let me go once I repent for my crime

They don't reply when I tell them I don't know what my crime was.

Posted on Reddit by Feotakahari.

Sex and Death in Skeleton City

Geoff and Naomi are dead, and they're depressed, but when Geoff's cat Bernie dies as well, they embark on a wild journey to find it in the underworld.

When Geoff dies, alongside his girlfriend Naomi, they end up sharing an apartment in the Underworld as skeletons.

But after a few years, Geoff starts suffering a mid-death crisis.

What's the purpose of going through the motions as a skeleton if you can't really live? Then he gets word that his cat, Bernie, just died and he can collect him and bring him home! Geoff and Naomi hurry to get Bernie only to discover that, due to a clerical error, their cat has been lost.

With the hunt for Bernie giving new purpose to Geoff's un-life, he and Naomi begin a quest to get back their cat.

Battling skeleton pirates, climbing the sky ladder and facing off against the villain who took Bernie, Geoff is determined to find his purpose - or die a second time trying! [[2018 Wattys Winner - The Originals]] [[word count: 30,000-40,000 words]]

Sex and Death in Skeleton City on Wattpad

When I was younger my friend wanted to show me a gun hed found left from a crime scene

I look over after a loud bang to see a hole in his head, and his brains scattered a few feet behind us

Posted on Reddit by WhatWhat749.

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