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There's no credibility of what a small child says, unless it's a crime scene.

Speaking of that...

You can choose to take the crime stories below at face value or with a grain of salt, but they're all still super weird.

Pumpkin Patch

When twelve teenagers disappear from the legendary pumpkin patch in Sacred Hills, Detectives Jennifer Lyle and John Jennings are led down the twisting road of a mystery that spans decades of town lore.

GREMLINS meets X-FILES in this homage to classic 80s creature feature and modern paranormal mystery.

Pumpkin Patch on Wattpad

To hide my crime, I buried his body in the corn field

When the wind rustles the corn stalks, I hear him whisper my name.

Posted on Reddit by Feotakahari.

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[MAR22] Driving away from the scene of the crime, I smiled to myself that I bagged another one of those damn vampires - cut its head clean off.

If only Id known about the regenerative virus that caused them to mutate, I wouldnt have been startled by the sudden roar from my trunk as he started to rip through my backseat.

Posted on Reddit by ChasingSuds.

Into the Woods: Twicecapade

Everyone has their little secrets.

Every person has their hidden desires.

The question is how far can they go for their desires? "I'll do whatever it takes to be happy...no one can stop me.

Even if it's my own family.

I'll make her mine, only mine"

Into the Woods: Twicecapade on Wattpad

Being a professional crime scene cleaner is a hard job.

Specially when the cops are coming faster than usual.

Posted on Reddit by jacobdontask.

I stopped a horrible crime by knocking over a garbage can and startling the attacker.

gt;!I won't make the same mistake tomorrow night. !lt;

Posted on Reddit by xubax.

Ulterior Motives

(Featured in Paranormal) Reagan Blake is damn good at her job, the best.

She makes a living solving cases and helping her community get out of jams.

She fixes things.

When the supernatural Community needs someone to step in and take care of situations they call on Reagan.

She loves everything about her job, that is until Oliver steps into her office asking for her help.

She finds herself agreeing when all of her instincts are telling her to send him packing.

Everything about him warns her that she should keep her nose out of this one.

He's gorgeous, mysterious with that raw edge of danger and power.

He's also a Warlock, which she knows should be enough to tell decline the job.

But he's not just any Warlock, he's a member of the inner Circle of Warlocks.

The most powerful and dangerous Warlocks alive.

They are judge, jury and executioners for the Supernatural Community.

Oliver's a walking advertisement for bad judgment calls and Reagan can't say no.

Ulterior Motives on Wattpad

The evidence found in the crime scene made me responsible for my wife's murder.

At that moment I realized that I shouldn't have told my hairdresser that I didn't like my haircut.

Posted on Reddit by zeroGX00.

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