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If Toy Story were real, Andy would be telling the story from inside in insane asylum.

Just saying...

So, you're ready to read some weird toys stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

The small boat capsized, and the creature feasted on the flesh of the young children in the water.

When the scene was discovered, the beast was long gone, and the horrified mother couldn't explain what happened to her kids in the bathtub.

Posted on Reddit by Monechetti.

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Is my brother contacting me from another realm? If so, why?

My little brother took his own life three weeks ago. We werent very close, because he had a long history of severe mental health issues and I found it too hard to cope with (this is something about which I have a lot of guilt, and Im going to spend my life regretting the fact that I wasnt more present and supportive to him), but I loved him a lot and am just devastated by his suicide.

Im not someone who normally believes in this stuff, but there have been a few things that have recently happened that make me think he might be with us. The funeral was filmed, and there was an unexplained, very pronounced smoky circle in between me and my other brother for part of the service. Absolutely no idea what it could be. There have also been some weird things with electrical stuff in my house and car, with my toddlers toy (seemingly) randomly starting to play music that is usually only played when someone lifts something off the toy, for example. The intercom in our apartment was also doing some weird light blinking and the Spotify music playing in my car skipped a couple of times and then finally switched songs.

Its totally possible that these are all explainable occurrences that I wouldnt even notice if it wasnt for my brothers untimely death putting me in high alert for signs of a spiritual presence. But, if he really is here I want to know why. I know that he loved me and adored my son and wouldnt be here to haunt us, but he had a very troubled mind and was obviously deeply unhappy to have done what he did, so I want to ensure that hes at peace, wherever he is.

On TV and movies there is a trope that someone has unfinished business and cant go to heaven until it is resolved. I guess I want to help my brother if that is the case. I really hope hes at peace and is just checking in to tell us that he loves us, that hes watching over us and that hes not really gone.

What do you think?

Edit: just posted on the Christianity sub, as I consider myself a Christian, and while doing so my windscreen wipers seemingly randomly went off.

Posted on Reddit by BabyCornCannot.

After winning a lot of stuffed toy from the crane machine I decided to give some to my friends.

It took me a few months and an accident while cleaning the house to realised that there's camera in the stuffed toy.

Posted on Reddit by Mori-no-Ryuu.

He thought nobody would find out what hed been doing to his daughters plushie dolls when she went to school.

That is, until a strange bulge grew in the belly of one of the more eerily lifelike dolls, that soon began to kick with life inside it.

Posted on Reddit by KagoM_.

My daughter stood on our balcony giggling and throwing all her toys down to me, finishing with her dolly.

It slipped through my hands and landed in a bloody mess on the floor as I shot my attention up and saw button eyes now staring back.

Posted on Reddit by Himabee.

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