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The Others

"Fear drives people to do crazy things my darling, and your the perfect tool I need to create total chaos.

Your my ultimate weapon, my checkmate." The town of Valas is a secluded area comprised of people with extraordinary powers.

However they are trapped like caged sheep, unable to flee from their small town.

Like marionette dolls, they are controlled by the unknown that linger in the shadows.

The Others.

Highest ranking: 210 in Adventure

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I went outside to dispose of another bucket filled to the brim with these gross little maggots which appear to have infested every corner of our small town.

Suddenly my feet sunk into the ground the overwhelming smell of rotten flesh almost knocking me unconscious.

Posted on Reddit by KFC_Dealer.

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I recently moved to a small town but it's more quiet than what I've been told about it.

When I look out the window I see why I always feel watched.

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We sold our souls to the demon next door

Raina and Jordan are two curious twins that live in the small town known as Havre, Montana.

They have to go to school every day just like regular high school students and they grew up in an ordinary house with a religious mum and a comic dad.

Their parents don't approve of their choices but honestly, Raina and Jordan don't give a #$@$ about what their parents think of them.

They have grown up living a hard life with consequential choices, but their lives are about to get crazier.

They thought they knew everything they needed to know about life, but what they didn't know until Jordan made a stupid mistake, was that their next door neighbor was a demon.

We sold our souls to the demon next door on Wattpad

I've recently become something of a right hand man to our local small town detective, and we're already on a case to catch a serial killer on the loose.

I wonder how the hell we're going to catch ourselves.

Posted on Reddit by Background_Poetry_53.

When animals went missing in the small town the citizens blamed it on the wolves

After they've killed all of the wolves animals still kept dissappearing

Posted on Reddit by Oddlookingperson.

Knowing Xavier Hunt

Featured FREE story with exclusive paid chapters - previously a paid story When Haley discovers the truth behind Xavier, whose silence holds a deeper meaning, she sets her mind on making his life better one small step at a time.

Haley Rosamond is happy with her simple life, content under the wing of her father.

Well-protected, she has no idea of the darkness surrounding Xavier Hunt, with his all-black attire and infrequent presence in school-accompanied by his bruises and scars.

That is, until Haley catches a glimpse of Xavier's reality and is made to question everything she knows about family and life in general.

The truth, she realizes, couldn't be more different from everything she has heard.

Supported by her father, Haley sets her mind on helping Xavier any way she can, and what begins with tutoring sessions, free food, and random acts of kindness blooms into friendship and something a little more.

But when Haley's admission into her dream college and another tragedy in Xavier's life threaten to undo everything she has worked for, Haley needs to decide if she'll stick by Xavier or simply be another person in his life that disappears.

word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]

Knowing Xavier Hunt on Wattpad

I was really excited when someone made my small town in Minecraft and got the outside of my house perfect!

And then my heart dropped when they got the inside, too...

Posted on Reddit by Dogcheese04.

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