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Way more people would show up to church if there were communion waffles.

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In plain sight

When Richard Hayes goes away to investigate a missing persons case he finds more than he expects.

In plain sight on Wattpad

I work in a Church, and it's the creepiest place in the world.

Its an old Church, but not like... cool old. Its not victorian, it was built in the 40s, but it's a Community Church in a poor area and we've seen some broken souls come through the doors. We are open to any and every one, we're probably the most accepting Church I know of. but this does result in a lot of sad stories.

I'm a Chaplain, but I don't force my beliefs on anyone and I'm not here to evangelize you. I work alone in the Church often. Its a low paying job, I'm the only full time worker for the Church but I do it because my background is in working with kids and young people who are on a trajectory to join a gang (I've a degree in youth development, Masters in community leadership, and am trained in instituionalized psychology and Chaplaincy). I don't do it for the money.

I have a belief that our Church is either haunted, or targeted by spirits because of the work we do in the community. We're grass roots, humility is key, and we're not afraid of spiritual warfare (which mostly looks like counseling people who are scared, giving out food boxes to the needy, blessing new buildings or places of death, lots of different spiritual things). My belief is that as a consequence of the people we help and the things we do, we draw negative spiritual attention to ourselves.

I got a video the other day. I don't want it to go viral, I'll get in trouble with my Church. But it was the usual, doors opening and closing themselves and heavy foot steps in the Church area while I was alone (and all doors and windows closed). I work in a small chapel office off to the side, the main building is usually locked up tight for security reasons (even has a different alarm).

So I recorded myself going through the building. I'm Maori (New Zealand native) so I carry a traditional weapon that is blessed (patu) with me in a flax bag for blessing things (I can attach a photo of that too if people are interested). This video would be decried as a fake, and I'm only sharing here because I'm hoping I'll be believed. To break it down, this is on a Monday. Our Church is cleaned on Sunday evenings, and I'm by myself in the building on Mondays. The door is 2 meters, and when I first see what is on the door I kind of get frozen with shock, and then try and lighten my heart with humor. Idunno, it was a weird resopnse. I acknowledge that maybe an adult with small hands did this, and that the cleaners missed it. The reason I turn the camera around (widway through) is because those doors swing both ways and I wanted to catch if they swung strangely behind me or if I could catch anything.

Again if you don't believe me, fine, I understand. There are loads of frauds and fakes, and people chasing likes. But this is real to me, and I have no solid explanation for it.


Posted on Reddit by Snoo_61002.

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As I was dunking the man in the church creek for baptism I recognized him as the one who had terrorized my niece.

I put him under, baptizing him, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and Mary and Joseph and the Twelve Apostles, and every other holy name I could think of, until he finally stopped twisting and jerking under the water.

Posted on Reddit by Uknow_That_One_Guy.

"What about us?!" the small angry ghosts cried out surrounding the people outside the church.

"But we saved the unborn..." said the nun nervously but the foster kids keeps glaring as they come closer to them.

Posted on Reddit by JustAnotherYaoiFan.

That one boy

There's this girl name Sarah and two boys josh and Chris.

The two boys fall in love with the same girl Sarah and Sarah has to decide which one to go to prom with.

The girl gets into some trouble.

The two boys start to fight over her with there fists and boxing tricks! Then Sarah ends up in the hospital.

And try's to kill herself.

Then Sarah gets kidnaped cause josh owns money to a man named drake.

Then a new girl name Emily comes to the school and try's to still josh from Sarah.

Then Emily gets really mad and decided to kill sarah so she can have josh.

Then after a few weeks josh starts to get paranormal activity with Sarah then he starts to date emily and that's what made sarah really mad.

Then josh decided to kill himself cause he wanted to be with Sarah in the after life.....

That one boy on Wattpad

Church leaders are starting to talk about UFO's taking credit or the Rapture

Church leaders are starting to talk about UFO's aliens taking credit for The Rapture. Jimmy Evans is one. There have been rumors that disclosure is occurring because government insiders are aware of and trying to get ahead of some event that is supposed to happen. Lue Elizondo is somber, Jimmy Carter wept, Billy Corgan has bad news. What do you think? I mean abductions don't seem to be a positive experience.

Posted on Reddit by BlueBolt76.

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