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Boon: Book 7

Sequel to Slim, BUT CAN BE READ ON IT'S OWN.

Despite being irritable and having to deal with an overprotective Naru, Mai's pregnancy is coming along without complications.

But, of course, not everyone's pregnancy goes as nature intended it, and Naru can't hope to keep Mai from the spiritual world forever.

Warning, graphic birth scene.

Boon: Book 7 on Wattpad

I watched my 5 year old son's face light up with surprise as he felt his baby sister kicking inside my wife's 7 months pregnant stomach.

When I arrived home from work that night, I was petrified to find my son covered in blood and standing over my wife's motionless body while clutching a knife as he flatly said, "She was kicking so I had to get her out of there, Daddy."

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The baby eating Witches....

In my country there is this folklore about witches, to this day in many small cities and towns people(mostly older folks) still believe in witches that come at night to eat our children.

According to leyend, witches take the form of an owl and will fly around at night looking for un baptized babies to eat, they will put a sleeping spell on the mother so she won't hear the baby cry, and she will wake up to a dead baby in the morning.

Sometimes witches will sense a woman that's close to giving birth and will stick to that area just waiting.

I've known someone whose niece died (SIDS according to drs) and they strongly believe it was a witch.

I'm 8.5 months pregnant, and I rarely give in to those superstitions. Yesterday my mil started telling me about some lady that lost her baby to a witch and that I should start taking precautions.

So my mil gives me a red bracelet with some saint on it, my husband is a believer in those things so I wear it to mostly for him.

I'm at the stage in my pregnancy were its hard to sleep and I wake up a lot throughout the night, I was having some weird dreams last night and woke up more than usual.

My kids sleep with the TV on during the weekend, and we also have night lights around the house.

At 3am I opened my eyes and found myself in complete darkness, I always leave my door open and some light always comes in.

I heard something moving in my room and then in the hallway, I felt it. That feeling you get when you know there's somethingsomeone there.

I didn't think, I got up and turned on my light. Looking down the hall I saw all the night lights on the floor unplugged, I walked to my kids bedroom and found it completely dark as well, I turned the lights on and saw the TV unplugged as well.

I still had that feeling of something in the house, and then I heard something running on the roof right above me and dogs in the neighborhood going crazy.

I went back to my bedroom to wake my husband up and right next to my bed, on the floor, was that red bracelet, it looks like it had been undone and just laying there, and then I heard it. I've lived here 4 years now and I had never heard an owl around here, but there it was, making it's owl sounds.

I know what I felt, there was something in my home, I woke my husband up and we checked the house. There was no intruder, I can't explain the feeling I got.

I've had some paranormal experiences before but this was different, like daring me in a way, mocking me.

I'm wondering if I should be scared.

Edit 2: I would like to clear some things since I keep getting the same questions in the comments.

1. Sorry for the confusing title, babies don't eat witches in this story.

2. The term "witch" is loosely used, I'm sorry I didn't know there was only one type of witch in the world and didn't think people would be offended. For better understanding of this creature one of the names it uses is Tlahuelpuchi or Nahualli.

3. No one in my family unplugged the night lights, I have a son with autism and he cannot wake up to a dark house. We don't touch those lights, I turn them on and off with an app.

I am not new to the paranormal in my life, I just never had physical evidence to show my husband.

I tend to ignore these types of things, but I love telling stories about them later on because we all like the paranormal, that's why we're here right?

Thank you so much for your comments and opinions!

Hope to post an update in the future (if anything else happens)

Posted on Reddit by aletha26.


Kayla has always had the weirdest eyes but she finds out her eyes have meaning.

But h what she found out was terrifying.

Eyes on Wattpad

Thing in my house. From my baby?

I've just had a baby. Well just being 2 months ago.

I'm having no sleep, am cranky and those who know this stage know how difficult it is. Regardless weird things have been going on in our house ever since bringing the baby home from the hospital.

It first started with strange smells.. I know what you're thinking - nappies and such but I assure you it wasn't those or my daughter. I would be feeding her and putting her in the next to me crib and go get a bottle of water out of the fridge. Upon entering the kitchen, which is down the stairs and a few more rooms away it smelt like rotting garbage? That's the best I can describe it. I thought the kitchen sink was blocked up again and made a mental note to mention it to my husband in the morning.

I mentioned it and he took it apart and nothing. No blockage and no smell. It seems this smell moves from room to room.

Next I'm awake mostly all night. I would hear 3 loud random knocks on our bedroom door. My husband and I would be in bed and no one else would be in the house. We only live with it being us 3, myself, my husband and our baby.

I thought I was losing my mind or so sleep deprived that I was making it up or maybe something fell onetime and my imagination hung onto that. I don't know.

It happened every night. I'd open the door and see no one there. No windows open... nothing.

Like I said I thought I was going crazy until my husband stayed up with her one night while I got some rest. I hastily got into bed and willed myself off to sleep incase he changed his mind and the next thing I'm getting shaken awake.

It's my husband asking if I heard the knocks.

OK. Just not me... I told him not to worry and went back to sleep. No one was going to ruin my very rare nap time.

I now keep having dreams of this figure. It's a shadow man but I can make out some features. It seems to have four sets or horns on its head and is pitch black. Sorta like a black swirl if that makes sense.

In my first dream it was standing in the door hallway blocking me from exiting. It was blacker than the room and had red eyes. I started to feel an overwhelming sense of dread and then my daughter cried. I woke up from thar dream.

The next one it's RIGHT over my daughters crib and staring down at us.

I told my husband about this also as in a 'look how crazy I am with no sleep' sorta way and he went white. He grabbed me and the baby and the next thing were sitting in the car. He said he didn't want IT to hear us.

He told me that he was trying to nap one lunchtime as I was out with our baby shopping and he thought why not. He awoke to this black.. swirly thing right next to him. Its face inches away from his.

He said it didn't have a face. Just had four black shadow horn outlines and a whispy black body. It's head was on the same pillow as my husbands. That's how close they were.

He told me he jumped backwards as in a sorta 'oh crap' moment and when he did the figure folded in on itself and left. Not without that god awful smell.

Help please guys. What is this? What do we do? I want my daughter to be safe.

Posted on Reddit by dontletmymumdriveyou.

"Yay, I love snow!" Exclaimed my son as he rolled around in the powdery white stuff.

As he lay there, tubes running out of his nose, winding around his body, a tear rolls down my cheek as I regret bringing him to that shady "Snow resort"

Posted on Reddit by thesmartdoctor2.

Im Not A Little Kid!

status:ongoing,slow updates "I'm sorry baby boy ,your to little for that" Levi said "don't call me that ,im not a little kid!" Ashton yelled at Levi.

In a world of vampires,witches,demon,humans and crosses it was normal for most to have humans or crosses of humans and non human as Pets and Littles.

ashton hasn't had much of a child hood since his parents died when he was 4 and was given to his abusive uncle ,he's 14 now and one day his uncle sells him to some random people only to get auctioned off to a gay couple who are vampires who bought him to give him a better life and him being 1 and a haft in vampire years they treat him has if hes a baby and then he slowly slips into little space with them and gets to have the childhood he never had with his new dads but Little do they know the secrets behind his past and the situations he was in along with him being cross of human and witch.

Trigger Waring -mentions of drinking -Mental health issues -suicide mentions -LGBT -grammar and spelling mistakes as I have adhd and most likely dyslexia.

Disclaimer:i do not own any of the pictures used in this story ,the only pictures I own is the book cover and a few pics I made THIS IS 100 A SFW BOOK!

Im Not A Little Kid! on Wattpad

As a prank, my friends and I ran up and stole the baby Jesus from the Nativity scene at the church but we dropped him and he broke.

The people dressed as shepherds chased after us while the Mary actress screamed, and the priest prayed loudly and shakily.

Posted on Reddit by Monechetti.

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