Crash Adams Can't Help But "Make It Last" in Catchy New Tune

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Impulsive groove meets a party mood in Crash Adams' new single "Make It Last".

Like sonic gunfire at your toes, this song is enough to part you from your seat and make you move your feet.


Take me out dancing.

Slide me across crystal lights.

And kiss me goodnight.

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"...I love the way you move when you're doing what you do."

Crash Adams "Make It Last" all night long with a punctuated progression and pervasive party vibes in this vibrant track.

Disco fever overtakes you as this song steps into its own. Melodic accents chirp in the wings and gated percussion punches a malleable groove. Ebullient guitar licks lace loose tones around dance floor sound. This song gets you so high you'll have to get down.

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Crash Adams cater to your inner lover throughout "Make It Last," stretching time itself to fit more feels in.

"Make It Last" is a good time in the making. If you're up for shaking, slap the button below and go.

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