Courage and RoRo Reel You In With Real "Prophecies"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Eclectic to the nth, Courage and RoRo's latest release "Prophecies" pushes musical boundaries beyond the fold.

Exotic in sound and surreal in feel, this one's worth every second you give it.

Enjoy it now.

Make it last. The Sun's last dawn...

Has just gone past.

Odd Nugget Social2-hecho

"Never saying what they want to know..."

"Prophecies" pulls at you. Where to? Where to? A place in a moment that may never have been.

Buzzy synths spread at intro, then dissolve to a rhythmic storm thereafter. Clang and clap in the percs presses your groove buttons as light-spoken words hurl thoughts at your cortex. Beneath all, a bass line broods and bubbles like a current, subterranean.


Imagine a mystical journey marked and plotted in modern speak. The destination needn't be revealed to entice you to embark. This track is the sound of an adventure rapping at your door.

You're bound to find something special in this tune if you're into hip hop. However, if you aren't, do have a listen anyway. It just might make your day.

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