Countless Numbers Hit You in the Feels "Twice As Hard" in Their New Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Mellow rock magic with retro tricks up its sleeve - Countless Numbers' "Twice As Hard" pulls wool without missing a beat.

Love like a lost and found finds itself swinging from riffs and licks in this laid-back track.

Covet the time.

Allay the doubts. Don't worry about...

Every new fact you find.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Maybe love's a diamond, but twice as hard..."

Countless Numbers welcome us into an intimate space in "Twice As Hard," yet maintain a stage-top band feel throughout. No doubt, it's cool stuff.

Guitars spray filmy fuzz at mid-spectrum, while drums keep up with a kick and a tap. Choral "oooooh's" and "aaaaaaah's" impart a relaxing vibe worth imbibing. Solos sweep the soundscape in wishy washy fashion and lyrics leap to the forefront at intervals.

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This song is a testament to relationships shifting with time. Words wade up to the shore of thought and wash out with waves of formless emotions.

This song may very well take you by surprise, not by force, but with full-bodied expression.

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