Cosmic Ninja Stand and Proclaim "We Got Up"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Peppy power-pop rock to get you going... Cosmic Ninja's "We Got Up" fuzes the heart of a rocker with the soul of a raver.

Guitars, glow-sticks and flares... This song will snare you and keep you there.

Don't let it out. A heart in chains...

A bird, caged, locked away...

Today's the day. You'll fly away.

Behind, leave burdens and pain.


"I'm in chains. I want to be free..."

A siren sounds; a rallying cry cuts through the mix at the start of "We Got Up". This track gets up to speed with sporadic melody and dynamic shifts in focus.

Cosmic Ninja are a band in two worlds at once. Their sound bleeds kinetic chroma over rebellious sentiment. Both worlds collide, scorching to crisp sound in the aftershock.

Like Ghost of You and Icon For Hire, Cosmic Ninja revel in rock riff-rage without dropping their dancing rhythm. Distant digital tones twinkle, effervescent, over steady synth magic as guitars grind out a groove. Let's move.

This song and sound is its own exuberant thing. Get into it and enjoy.

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