Come See These Awesome Gouache Illustrations


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Gouache as an art medium holds much in common with watercolors. Both paints are water-soluble and quick to dry - allowing for all manner of expressive painting to be done in them. However, gouache splits off from watercolors in one key area...

Gouache paints are opaque. Where watercolors create depth of expression through their relative imprecision and transparency, gouache paints place layers over others as transparently as a brick wall. This effect is precisely what gives gouache illustrations their singular charm.

Gouache illustrations play to the medium's dual strengths by combining expressive fluidity with complete coverage of any and all previous layers. This leads to imagery as flowing as fine watercolor can be, without the final multiplicity of hues inherent to such a medium.

Here, we've found a number of next-level gouache illustrations for you to peruse. Check them out below and enjoy!

"Small practice in gouache S" by SILENTJUSTICE

Small practice in gouache S

"gouache hellboy" by rogercruz

gouache hellboy

"Gouache" by NynjaKat


"Gouache Rose Painting" by nataliebeth

Gouache Rose Painting

"Little Guoache" by DavidAguado142

Little Gouache

"nightingale bird gouache study" by barisgbo

nightingale bird gouache study

"Venom Gouache" by edtadeo

Venom Gouache

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