COLOUR Break the "Chains"


Odd Nugget Social-done

"Chains" is bright, felicitous rock in the vein of Yes and Gentle Giant's best. From Northwest England, COLOUR have forged a florid, rich experience in this, their newest track.

This one teases a similar sound to Thought Chamber's "Light Year Time." Sonorous, sweet and curvy with dynamics. A stunner.

Chains is a welcome change of pace. A welcome gust of fresh air.

"She falls in love with it..."

Sun. Your gaze - unflinching - absorbs its light. Bright.

You're blind to the world. Second sight. Golden light.

All around, fae dance in plain sight. The world is blind.

"...She falls in love with him."

There's a heap of throwback style to "Chains." 70's-era prog dressed in new notes... It's everything great from the classics hedged with modern music mainstays.

Especially gorgeous are the transitions from verse to verse. Smooth and seamless; no distractions. Great stuff.

Odd Nugget So-done

Rhythmic mix-ups, wistful vocals and major-scale up-lift land "Chains" in the winner circle.

If you're into progressive rock and progressive music in general, this song (and band) will definitely satisfy. Especially nice for those needing something upbeat. Check them out. Listen. Love.

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