Collegians Confront a "Killer" in Hard New Track


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Back with a vengeance, Melbourne rock band Collegians slay in their new track "Killer."

Heavy-handed rhythm and dark, foreboding lyrics combine for an energetic, dramatic tune; armed to the teeth. The drama alone in "Killer" parallels 30 Seconds to Mars's "The Kill."

Killing is always dramatic stuff.

The band's singular blend of angry synths and A-bomb beats makes for heavy, manic music. In this latest release there's plenty of satisfying dark dub styling to boot - screaming Skrillex without losing the rock.

Heads will bang.

"She's a killer queen..."

Wet blue burns neon. Water rests heavy on her shoulders.

The pool is dead cold when you dive in. Her waist is warm.

Like lead, she resists. You can't save her.

Her eyes open. Her nails dig in. Your vision blurs. You can't save yourself.

"We're praying for you..."

So many awesome influences seem to converge in "Killer," spurring it in its own unique direction...

Right at the intro, we're greeted by a music box melody and reminded of Linkin Park's "What I've Done." There's more to this one though; added nuance and discernible complexity.

Halfway into the verse, Rammstein-style elctro-rhythm steps in to beef "Killer" up to dangerous levels. The result is punchy and enjoyably epic. Its a quake of a track. Coupled with raspy, far-reaching vocals it all goes Deftones "Swerve City" in the best of ways.

The lyrics revolve around the troubling temptations of a femme fatale. A killer on the loose; she reels you in, then sinks in teeth... A real man-eater.

It's dystopian stuff; atmospherically in line with their previous release "Black Mass." Fierce and frightful, yet delightful.

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The addition of choice little details helps accentuate the song's atmosphere.

My favorites were the chanting bits of "we've got a killer" edged in around the chorus. They really bring Styx's "Mr. Roboto" back to life; darker, more menacing, almost fearful... Cool.

If you're looking for riveting rock with dub-level drops, Collegians can certainly satisfy with this song.

Even if you aren't, this one's worth a listen. Cautiously, of course. "Killer" can kill.

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