Codified Concept Art - Scott Uminga - Artist Interviews #9


Art; a lens fit for peering into the soul of another.

A private looking glass into one's thoughts and perspectives, great art links hearts and minds intensely and intuitively.

Artists like Scott Uminga demonstrate this curious quality of art through their work - showcasing a range of emotions in digitally-rendered masterpieces like the ones we've featured below.

Light shimmers in his pieces - fracturing stylistically into glistening strips and glowing spires.

Silhouettes tarry on like ghosts in vastly impressive, surreal scenes of his creation - living dream lives in a dreamscape.

Scott seems to have coded a new universe in his artwork, and its bright, ethereal expanses beckon alluringly.

We've had the pleasure of interviewing Scott and delving further into the artistic portals he has skillfully created.

Check out his answers to our questions and his incredible art below.

Also, be sure to take a look at his site and follow him on Twitter (@ScottUminga).

How did you first get into art?

It all started out with finger-painting when I was in kindergarten.

My dad would throw out my paintings whenever I put them on the wall or fridge. I believe there was a drive in me to prove him wrong.

I got more into the traditional arts in highschool, and then later animating and illustrating throughout college, and now a mix of both.

What methods and tools do you use in your work?

Whenever I have a feeling, memory, or other source of inspiration, I sketch in pencil or pen (usually if I’m outside) and try to get the gist of what I want to create, perhaps a landscape or a character, and I also write down brief notes about colour or a title or whatever I might want to portray.

I then go straight to digital using Clip Studio Paint, and I paint a rough composition. Once I’m tired of looking at it I leave it for a few days and come back to it, giving it a polish and adding texture.

What most inspires you to create your artwork?

I think what inspires me is being mindful of everything around me.

From walking around downtown seeing tall skyscrapers, to liking the shape of a lamp post, to an intimate moment with a loved one, to the clouds of a gloomy day.

For me it’s like seeing it as a magical scene in a book and giving it narrative.

What is your favorite project so far?

My favourite projects so far are my personal projects because each piece defines a part of me. It feels fulfilling to look at each piece and remember when and why I painted them.

I like that I have full control on what I’m creating since the piece captures a moment of my own experience, though I usually ask close friends and family to give me feedback on how they feel.

Sometimes that brings me new ideas or perspectives. I'm learning to like using my style to give a visual interpretation to another person's ideas and work with their feedback.

I would love to take on commissions soon or work on other projects that involve more collaboration.

If you had to stare at a single picture for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I don’t think I can stare at a single picture. I usually lose staring contests with friends.

Though I wouldn’t mind staring or gazing into a distant memory for the rest of my life if that counts.

For me it would be with my loved one either sitting out on a hill relaxing by the lake or looking out the window and watching heavy rain.

Remember to check out Scott's site and follow him on Twitter (@ScottUminga).

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