Cocoa Futures Make Music That's Mellow "Big Time"

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Icy synth swells melt under warm vocals in Cocoa Futures' new tune "Big Time".

Music can be mellow. "Big Time" is mellow's unofficial definition.

Tip of the iceberg... You're stranded.
Cold, freezing... You're frozen.
Sea-spray and snow fix you in place.

In days, disappeared, you've left not a trace.


"I know this time it's gotta be good..."

Tones stand lonely on the spectrum in "Big Time," equidistant from each other and out of arm's reach. This track transcends mere mellow vibes to attain elegance of a truly minimalist sort.

Sumptuous sounds sink into the mix at intervals. They blur. They splash and sputter. Around the 2 minute mark, guitar joins in in earnest, soloing over a glistening pond of euphony. A beauty.

Building and bursting to melodic tears, "Big Time" makes big use of dynamics. From 3 elements to a swirl of sonic substance, it's a roller-coaster worth riding.

There's a lovely eclectic sense of freedom to be found in this song. With no true constraints and tangible depth, it opens up to pull you in. Listen for yourself.

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