Cocoa Futures Feed You a Song Sandwich in New EP "Recovery"


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Cocoa Futures have returned, armed with a 5-track EP called "Recovery" that you really have to hear.

For a smooth, poppy listen, let "Recovery" loose in your ears.

A passing thought...

An errant glance...

A second chance is one chance too many.

One, if any is plenty.


"Could you let me know... How it's gonna feel?"

Set at the top spot of the EP, "Circus" surrenders a soft set of sumptuous sounds to your senses and you slip away...

It's a chilled out track with retro energy. Almost psychedelic, a touch of flange on the vocals would send you reeling. Instead, "Circus" stays grounded in an abstract reality of smooth, jazzy reverie. It's an 80's ballad bristling with emotion, but the next track in line lines up a lot more rhythm.

"...To prove yourself..."

Cocoa Futures prepare a new sonic horizon to explore in "Sink in the Water", quickening the pace of their EP with impatient drums and a deluge of damp tones.

Bass bumps dull against twinkling percussion as house rhythm holds sway over this song, exacerbated by synthetic stabs. Multidimensional singing phases in and around a host of glowing pads for a powerful punch throughout.

A nice surprise, yet not out of place, "Sink in the Water" has a ripple effect on the rest of the release.

"To the space that is growing..."


House morphs to disco in "Recovery". The album's title track takes you straight to a dance floor.

Trippy arpeggios take this tone-dance tune to task, letting up but momentarily at the midway mark and chorus. Thereminesque squeals and churns grasp at you from all angles at intervals when the track opens up. All this, and the vocals still stand out, bright against a brilliant backdrop.

More pop prowess to come, this EP thunders off at full steam...

"It's gonna be the best of times..."

In with upbeat vibes come Cocoa Futures for "I Can Be 18".

This track provides the most powerful pop vibes of the release. Magic bass notes play 'now you hear me...' - dropping and hoisting you by the ears with regularity. Strings strip away space at your sides and vocals call, front and center, for feels of the feel-good variety.

Keys corral your attention here, holding expectations in place preceding each chorus and cradling the quiet spots come each verse. But, come EP's end in the next track, quieter dynamics are brought all the way back.

"I felt it... I know it wasn't me."

"Big Time" was big fun when it first came out. Now, in the reflective light of a strong EP, it takes on a totally new tone. Sequentially, this song settles down the abundant ebullience of the preceding tunes - serving simultaneously as stopper for the whole of the album.

In start-stop fashion, "Big Time" takes its time in fleshing itself out. Disparate elements come in like a flock taking form in flight. It's a sonic 'good night' nestled in a nest of radio warmth.

Try not to miss out on Cocoa Futures' fantastic EP "Recovery". Seriously, miss this and you'll never recover. Press play all day.

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