Coast2Coast's Winners Circle - Our Top 3 Picks



Coast2Coast's running rap battles shed light on a load of up-and-comers in Hip Hop.

We were invited to peruse the Winners Circle playlist and pick out our faves to share here. Check them out and be sure to tune into the full playlist on Spotify.

Jaezus's "We Just Came to Jam"


Good vibes and nostalgia sprinkled over a bomb beat, "We Just Came to Jam" is all that and then some.

Big, bouncy, yet all-in-all unassuming and down-to-Earth, "We Just Came to Jam" is your new party anthem, seriously.

Ha-Style's "King Me"


An explicit drive-by of a track, this one hits all the right places at speed.

Ha-Style charges in and claims his crown; all aggression and seamless sound. Blindingly fast and blisteringly hot, "King Me" scuffs your ears with DMX style. Kneel before the King.

You'll get a kick out of Ha-Style's lines in this. They're fast but coherent and solid on the beat.

Lexa Terrestrial's "Blowing Smoke"


A droning vocal chorus meets you at the door of "Blowing Smoke," loosens your tie and invites you in. The rest is a blur... Just love the chorus; it comes in like a breath of fresh air after each verse.

So chill and smooth, with some definite Minaj style cues, this track'll satisfy your sweet tooth.

That's the lineup for us! Our top 3 from the Winners Circle at Coast2Coast... Check out the full playlist to find your faves and hit up Coast2Coast for more.

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