CloZee's "Evasion" is Too Good for Your Ears

Odd Nugget Social-doneIsland sounds combine to otherworldly, organic harmony in CloZee's killer tune "Evasion".

Massive melodies and huge harmony benight bright bleeps and bloops in this EDM explosion of a song.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

On a hill... You're spinning slowly.

The world as one in panorama... You fall.

Grass and gold... Sunlight falls heavy on you.

The world is one; one for all.

Odd Nugget S-done

"Evasion" expands with each breath, enveloping the space around itself. It's along the lines of Bassnecter's "Timestretch," but significantly more winding in its ways.

Dynamics distribute the bulk of this song's substantial playing power across the sonic spectrum. Chirps and chiptunes chime in on all sides and at all loudness levels. The effect is tantalizing, mystifying, imaginative, spellbinding.

Hints of voices haunt the periphery, perforating the mix in between gamified arpeggios. By the time the choral drops jump in, it's a total tonal tailspin. Monumental.

The beat in "Evasion" is a careful progression; at first, simple, sandy and crunchy, then hard, thudding and temperamental. It builds in subtle shifts to an anthemic fadeout.

Listen. If electronic music makes you move, you can't avoid "Evasion". It's deep. It's dark. It's definitely great. Listen.

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