CLEAR Embraces Dream and Psyche in Smooth New Tune "Somnium"

Odd Nugget CLEAR Somnium

Soft-spoken defiance fills your sails in CLEAR's etheriel new tune "Somnium".

Vocals on a cloud, heart on a string and a rallying cry for dreamers everywhere... This song's got it all and more.

Keep both your eyes closed.

That your heart might stay open.

Enter into it.

CLEAR Somnium quote

"They can't stop me..."

CLEAR's lovely new song "Somnium" concentrates a chorus of voice over a wind-blown field of harmony.

Echoes meet a foot, stomping steps up a stairway to sky. Colored keys trickle tone over windy soundscape, then lose themselves in whistling square waveforms. Vocals evaporate to spirit, dulcet and mellodious, moving as a force over air and into ears. You're floating...

Somnium is an anthem for the dreamers. Our society can often discourage us from believing in the value of our passions, so the song is about being present— appreciating our collective human disposition to be idealistic, ambitious, daring and hopeful...


CLEAR Somnium

"Somnium" is a march for tomorrow, set in motion today. A match alight in a storm's eye, serene...

Seconds into this song and you'll feel it working magic in you. Don't take my word for it; there's a button below to find out yourself.

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