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The circus was the original clickbait..

Moving on...

So, you're ready to read some weird circus stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

Dark Carnival

"The Dark Carnival is in town, you better be ready..." Short stories taking place in a gloomy, old circus, that appears without a sound in the dead of night.

A lot is based on songs by Creature Feature, but also Lemon Demon and some other bands; some characters are entirely my original creations.

Dark Carnival on Wattpad

Mommy thinks I want to leave the circus because I am scared of all clowns.

Im just scared of the boss clown, who sometimes shows up outside my window late at night.

Posted on Reddit by Lots42.

More Like This

The child smiled with delight as she entered the circus tent.

The same circus that burned to the ground in 1897.

Posted on Reddit by ttomnook.

Scorched Bewitchment 2

When the Pandemonium Circus stops in Galway, it's Kali's job to start the show with a spark of magic.

But after the curtain falls and the applause dies away, she's just a scared girl, afraid of the boiling spells in her veins.

If the audience had any idea how she tiptoed the line between control and mayhem, entertainment and destruction, they wouldn't flock to see her show.

All it would take was one spell gone wrong and the whole Circus could go up in flames.

Then Kali receives a visitor who makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Charlotte de Winter proposes to teach her the art of control.

If she turns down the offer, she runs the risk of becoming a dark witch at any moment - governed by raw power with no conscience and an insatiable hunger for ruin.

But Boss isn't ready to let Kali go.

She's the top attraction in Pandemonium, earning more than all of his sideshows combined.

If Kali won't use her magic to its full potential, he'll strip it from her and leave her out in the cold, powerless and alone.

Can Kali learn to harness her magic before it's gone for good? Or is she doomed to become a pillar of bright, burning destruction?

Scorched Bewitchment 2 on Wattpad

Daddy made her for me as a present, but he never let me go near her.

I walk up the stairs enchanted, reaching for the ice cream in Circus Baby's hand, all the while ignoring Daddy screaming my name "Elizabeth!"

Posted on Reddit by AmINotAwesome.

Hearing the clowns at the circus was creepy

But it was a lot more creepy when my friends and I were exploring it 15 years past the closing of the it.

Posted on Reddit by DitoRitoCTRL.


When a carnival blows into Brishen Proudley's mid-western town one stormy, autumn night, he has no idea how completely it will change his life.

Already, life is strange enough with the telekinetic powers that have always plagued and bewildered him, powers that have only gained intensity with adolescence.

Even the Benedictine monks, Brishen's guardians, are at a loss for how to guide him.

But then the dreams begin, of the dark man and the hall with three doors, and Brishen knows he must consult his precious pack of tarot cards, all that is left of his gypsy heritage.

Card by card, the clues encoded in the tarot lead Brishen and his new friends, Katie and Abe, into the dark labyrinth of a carnival trailer, a portal into chapters of history long dead and gone.

But haven't they been here before? The mystery unfolds on the wooded slopes of the Carpathians in 16th century Transylvania, in the salons of 19th century New York City, and comes to its fateful conclusion in the war-torn theater of Nazi Germany.

Slowly, they discover the nature of their latent powers, newly reawakened.

Brishen finds mastery over the physical universe, while Katie becomes adept in the art of seeing past and future, even as their love for each other blossoms, a love forged long ago in the ancient pact that has bound them now through many lifetimes.

But will they be able to protect what remains of their sacred trust from the dark man who seeks to finish what was begun in the Serapeum of Old Alexandria? What purpose draws them through time, and towards what ultimate test? Whatever it is, each of them senses there is more at stake than just their lives -- no less than the balance of good and evil in the world.

Arcana on Wattpad

When I was younger, I looked with envy at all the families crossing the door of the striped tent, with expressions full of wonder and fascination, hoping that one day I would be able to do it, too.

Around here it's every child's pipe dream, after all, that one day they might get to leave the circus.

Posted on Reddit by NumberNinethousand.

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