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Pastor Greg Locke is going to actually recruit real practicing witches to his church with his latest stunt.

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Innocent Eyes

In the story innocent eyes, the young character Annie Spear is somewhat of an outsider.

Often feeling alone and out of place she finds herself feeling guilty, and even more so after her parents die in a tragic car accident.

To which she believes is all her fault.

As Annie and her brother Alex try and hold themselves together, it seems that the more they try to hold on, the faster they fall apart.

Annie then begins to be in denial for her parents' death, just as a new student arrives at Cain High school.

With tensions rising and suspistions growing, Annie has yet to discover the real meaning of who she is and was born to be.

As promises are kept and secrets are unraveled, the power that lies within us all will be the only thing holding them together.

Innocent Eyes on Wattpad

Everyone in the church gawked at her in horror.

She was sitting upright, reading her eulogy.

Posted on Reddit by TailaBlu.

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Nun ghost in church

I want to tell you what I experienced before years ago. I'm writing through a google translator, so it's possible that there will be some spelling mistakes.

I was 16 years old and went on a trip with the church choir and we stayed in an old monastery (church). I had health problems and in the middle of the night I urgently needed our guide (as we called her aunt) and as she slept in a room in another hallway I had to go down the stairs to another hallway. suddenly a nun appeared on the stairs and asked me what I was doing here and that I should sleep. I said I needed an aunt because I was not feeling well and she still took me to that room. and all the time she was saying to herself "I have to hurry, I have to be fast" the next morning the priest asked me how I got to my aunt when the doors of those stairs were locked for 50 years because they were in ruins and he said there was no nun and that the last nun was there almost 100 years ago. I dont know what it was, and to this day I cringe when I think about it.

Posted on Reddit by __Only_me_.

My Boyfriend Satan

Aubrey Conners is your average, alternative teen.

Hates her parents, listens to emo bands in her room, buys her clothes from hot topic and etsy.

Currently going through a pastel goth phase.

Her and her best friend Milo do everything together.

Milo's really sweet but kind of a pretentious nerd.

He's going through some family troubles too.

Life is going well for them both (kinda) but will a mysterious figure that Aubrey sees in a church change everything?

My Boyfriend Satan on Wattpad

Haunted church

When I was 15 my uncle asked if I could help him clean the church that he went to. Saying yes, I went with him on a Saturday morning. Before entering the church, he told me that it was haunted. I thought that he was just seeing if he could scare me. He told me to take off my shoes before entering. We entered thru the kitchen door. Walking in to the church, we stopped under the balcony. He then knocked on the wall 3 times. That was when I heard what sounded like someone jumping down from a high place above us. Then I heard 5-6 foot steps, that stopped by the edge of the balcony. For about 10 seconds I didn't hear anything. Then I heard what sounded like boots scoffing on the floor, like someone was turning around. And then I heard the same 5-6 steps going back in the direction of which they came. Thinking that my uncle was still trying to scare me. I ran up the stairs and searched all of the rooms. There was no one there.

Posted on Reddit by Ok-Revolution4044.

Dad used to tell me stories about the small town by the lake where he lived as a kid, all about his big family celebrations, the fancy church with the metal gate and his lucky friends who did special, important things for the town.

When exploring an abandoned building took a weird turn, I learned about the cult rituals, the abandoned compound with rusty barbed wire around it and what happened to the missing kids all those years ago.

Posted on Reddit by Intrepid_Wanderer.

Curiosity - a short Kristya fanfic (boyxboy)

Kristian: A young man stuck between God and sin.

Kostyantyn: A vampire stuck in regret.

One meeting.

One touch.

One kiss.

Two lives changed forever.

I made this as a special chapter in the Strangers story, but decided to make it to its own book since it is quite long.

Hope you like it!

Curiosity - a short Kristya fanfic (boyxboy) on Wattpad

From the faint sound of church bells I stirred

To find myself in darkness, interred

Posted on Reddit by Afman467.

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