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There's always one more church visit you will have to make, and you cannot decide the details.

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Was Jesus an Alien?

I think he may have been. Think about it. Whenever i was at church when i was younger i felt the same terror i did during my first and second alien encounters. I couldnt look the Jesus statue in the eye anymore. With him being the most influential man of all time, it would make a lot of sense for aliens to work with him or to plant him to guide humanity towards whatever purpose they want

Edit: plus, think about his appearance. He didn't look like most of the people in that area. Him being an alien might explain his lighter skin tone and long perfect hair

Posted on Reddit by Adam-Sandals.

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3rd eye, Pineal Gland

The 3rd eye or pineal gland is what helps us perceive light, keep our circadian rhythm in check help us produce melatonin for sleep, and is considered the seat of the soul. The pineal gland is also said to have us tap into our subconscious and higher dimensions. With all this being said from hieroglyphics to modern day sighting, eztraterrestrail life has been present in our creation and lives since man has existed. The elites of the world know the truth about aliens and or multidimensional beings, I'm leaning now more towards the whole dimensional beings existing more than carbon based aliens, the world and universe is layers and we are being lied to about everything we know. The rich elites suppress our minds with subliminal messaging, mind control, electro magnetic waves, medicine etc etc. If we all started to look after ourselves better our diets and meditate we would become higher concious beings and be able to see through the lies. The whole reptillian theory is probably true to an extent, fluoride in the water, cheaper to eat unwell than healthy everything we are taught and what we know is a lie. The big reason for this is because whatever God may be, a higher dimensional being has always been looking out for us which is why the earth and humanity is in tact, the government and the rich elites are God, aliens dont exists, higher dimensional beings dont exist, let's keep suppressing the human race to be blind, we have never been alone and never will be, and that's the truth they dont want us to know. Satan is an evil entity that breeds hates and negativity, just look at the world we live in and tell me otherwise, it's called loosh, we are connected to both good and evil and until we wake up evil will always be hanging around on our right shoulders feeding off this negativity.

Posted on Reddit by PlateOShrimp89.


Andrew and Reese are orphans who had been living in Bradford, England, after the death of their parents.

A series of mysterious events, rather paranormal, has made them realise the presence of something that can't be defined by science.

Andrew, the protagonist, has never been able to come out of the shock of loosing his parents in an accident.

Since then things got creepier and unusual which wouldn't let the two siblings keep their heads calm.


It's a small mercy that humans can't see beyond the physical as they sit in church on Sundays.

If they could, they'd observe the ruined remnants of God around them and the coiling malevolence that now listens to their prayers in His place.

Posted on Reddit by Monechetti.

Now my son let me help you remove those demons said father Issac as he locked the door to the church storage room.

Now as I stand over him covered in his blood I think about what he did to my sister and that i sent a demon back to hell.

Posted on Reddit by SnooBunnies5490.

Victorian ladyshadow person outside of church

This just happened an hour ago, experienced by my partner who asked me to submit this post here.

He went outside to walk our dog and came back not even 10min later, sweating and visibly upset.

He proceeded to tell me that he had seen a black figure, with a silhouette of a victorian woman, banging on our church door. The church is literally two doors down our street, built in the 1860s in a gothic style.

He said he saw it out of the corner of his eye and then when he looked back, she was gone.

Our dog barked, lunged and pulled my partner towards the church and he went to investigate but couldn't find anything. The dog was really angry, he said he had never seen him behave like that.

I asked whether the shadow figure noticed him and he said no. He's not one to believe in ghosts or the paranormal so this has shaken him a lot especially since he can't find a logical explanation.

We googled the church, there are no reported hauntings or anything mentioning a woman.

I've put salt around our property for protection, although I must admit I have been catching the odd black spotfigure in the house too but never thought much of it.

Any insights you can give would be appreciated! Thank you x

Posted on Reddit by SashaKnox20.

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