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Church confession booths were just old school therapists.


Church stories and novels like the ones in this article are weird. Very weird. But, you'll probably enjoy reading them...

Dark Journey

A Facebook Paranormal group decides to use their gifts to go on a true paranormal investigation.

They plan on discovering the true story behind a haunted Church deep in the woods of Georgia .

Will they be able to investigate as planned or will all he'll break loose in 5he a Georgia woods ?

Dark Journey on Wattpad

My church congregation was loudly singing and clapping..

They didn't even notice that the door behind them, their only exit, was being nailed shut..

Posted on Reddit by jlscott0731.

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The white figure flapped in the midst of the rice field.

I didnt think much of it until my brother, who had stared it down with worry in his eyes, started laughing and flapping too.

Posted on Reddit by iStoleUrCake.

When Your Light Goes Dark

Anna has been able to interact with ghosts for as long as she can remember, and her best friend Peter is one of them.

When he and the other ghosts in the city start acting strangely, Anna realizes that something in the spiritual world must have gone horribly awry.

With the help of two oddball priests, she embarks on a journey to save her friends-and the city-before darkness consumes them all.

When Your Light Goes Dark on Wattpad

My fiance looked beautiful in her dress as she walked down the aisle of the church.

We just don't know how or why she climbed out of her coffin.

Posted on Reddit by IAmACloud81.

I broke into a church one night and baptized myself.

As I came out of the water I heard maniacal laughing in the darkness around me.

Posted on Reddit by Isntitabouttime69.


When Ethan moves from London to Scotland, he encounters a girl struggling to understand the darkness from within.

But does it have something to do with something much more Malevolent and evil out of their control.

THE CHURCH on Wattpad

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