Christofeeso's "Soon Girl" is Musical Bliss with an Island Twist

Odd Nugget Social-done

Superb light tribal vibes blanket the senses in Christofeeso's "Soon Girl".

Twinkling strings string stars in a sonic sky as Christofeeso croons in crystalline glow.

Eyes as skyline, hearts of gold.

Lyrical thoughts play to days of old. Memories rise high above the fold.

Your newest memory's in the hands you hold.


"I will make you my wife..."

The air sings arias in Christofeeso's "Soon Girl". Loving thoughts take form in tone and tempo as a dempow beat deepens the vibes.

It's the solid string and vocal combo that draws you into this surreal song. It's enchanting stuff. Like meditative music made for a dance floor. You can dance. You can drift away.


Like sunset on a sea of synths, "Soon Girl" gives goosebumps with each warm swell of sound. Echoes pool deep enough to drown, whistling, windy at the edges.

This is the kind of song you need to end your day and fire up your night. Press play for peace.

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