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Well, the year is just about over now, huh?

Funny how time flies.

On a similar note...

There might not be enough time left to listen to every one of these Christmas albums, but you can be excused for trying until the clock strikes 12 on New Years.

You don't have to listen to each of the Christmas albums featured below at once (that would sound awful!). Take your time and enjoy what each has to offer!

Mad Decent - V/A - A Very Very Decent Christmas

Mad Decent V/A - A Very Very Decent Christmas song img

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It's likely not news to anyone that there's a lot more to Christmas than giving and receiving gifts (although we've got great 2021 gift ideas too!), wearing festive Christmas sweaters and decking the halls with Christmas decorations that make your abode look like Santa's workshop.

That includes gifts for loved ones, cards and Christmas letters, missives to Santa and those dreaded holiday credit card bills.

And there's likely not much hiking into the woods involved, either: 98 percent of American trees today grow on farms, mostly in California, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, the country's top Christmas tree-producing states.

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Francisco Ramirez - CMYK - N4V1D4D 2010: A Chiptune Christmas

Francisco Ramirez CMYK - N4V1D4D 2010: A Chiptune Christmas song img

Kenny Rogers Music - Once Again it's Christmas

Kenny Rogers Music Once Again it's Christmas song img

There are real Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees, and in Chandler, Arizona, there's a 30-foot Christmas tree made out of tumbleweeds.

At first, Christmas trees weren't accepted in the U.S. Christmas trees weren't an immediate hit in America when they were first introduced to the U.S. by German settlers due to the fact that they weren't seen as Christian. '

According to The Washington Post, wedding experts and social media data indicate that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the two most popular days of the year to propose.

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