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Chiptune is cubism in music form.

With that having been said...

Chiptune music albums like the ones that follow can completely shift your headspace. Best be prepared...

Captain Shank - UNDERTALE

UNDERTALE by Captain Shank song img

DELTARUNE Chapter OST by Toby Fox

DELTARUNE Chapter  OST by Toby Fox song img

Track - Cyber Battle (Solo) - Solo arrangement and transcription by Lena Raine.

Track - Attack of the Killer Queen - Arrangement assistance by Lena Raine, transcription by Marcy Nabors

Track - Until Next Time - "Don't Forget" original vocals by Laura Shigihara

DELTARUNE Chapter OST by Toby Fox

- George Jonathan - Beautiful Lifestyle (Full Album) Chiptune

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George Jonathan's 'Beautiful Lifestyle' album in its entirety.

. Eyes On The Prize

. The Next Best Thing

. Dubstep Daycare

. Burning Up Inside

. Street Monsters

. Hissy Snake Popout

. Unicorns Forever

. Planet Funk

. Music

. New Haircut

. Little Marcus

. One Hundred Lifetimes

Xenysyssaid: 'Uploader's Note: I tend to put this album on when I'm feeling sad and glum, tends to pick me back up, just like the first time I heard it.'

Sneaky Weazel said: 'I heard Planet Funk on Salty Bet and I am so glad I looked it up. This album is my favorite Chiptune Album ever.'

a said: 'will always be my favourite george and jonathan. excellent funky chiptune.'

George Jonathan - Beautiful Lifestyle (Full Album) Chiptune by

R by Remute

R by Remute song img

After releasing highly acclaimed cartridge music albums for the Sega Genesis, SNES, PC Engine and Gameboy, the german musician Remute is now once again coming up with a true novelty:

R' is the first ever music album released as a Nintendo cartridge!

It is Remute's most diverse and playful album so far and contains brandnew songs ranging from ultra-catchy electro pop reminiscent of Yello, Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra to sinister techno and house excursions beaming you right back to foggy s warehouse raves.

A worthy step forward into the shiny -bit world!

No tricks - this is not an embedded MP-player, terribly compressed WAV-files on a microSD-card or other cheating: as with all previous Remute cartridge albums the sound on this cartridge gets generated and played back in realtime and it's all happening within meager Megabytes! With 'R' the Nintendo console is your very own synthesizer and happy to serve you every time you turn it on and press play! , MHz, baby!

For this wizardry Remute cooperated with genius Nintendo dev Rasky, who is not only responsible for the sound engine and player-GUI, but also managed to put together an... more

R by Remute

Francisco Ramírez - CMYK - NVDD : A Chiptune Christmas

Francisco Ramirez CMYK - NVDD : A Chiptune Christmas song img

CMYK presents:


All songs arranged by: Francisco Ramirez

Download it for free!


Please, share this tracks with your friends!

CMYK - NVDD : A Chiptune Christmas by Francisco Ramírez

Planet Sadness by TLF

Planet Sadness by TLF song img

Peaked at on Bandcamp Top Retrowave Album Sales Charts

Peaked at on Bandcamp Top Synthwave Album Sales Charts

Peaked at on Bandcamp Top Electronic Album Sales Charts


Solid new vibes for ! A solid release from newcomer TLF. Plenty of meaty synths to get your teeth into. Listen and enjoy.

Planet Sadness by TLF

Kubbi - Ember

Kubbi Ember song img

Download the album or get the CD at kubbi.bandcamp.comalbumember

Ember by Kubbi

- Disasterpeace - Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar (Full Album) Chiptune

Disasterpeace's "Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar" album in its


Mastered by Sean Sinclair

"Wagering Lights" co-written by Derris-Kharlan

All Other Credits to Rich Vreeland

Forgot to add time stamps (again), sorry! Any assistance is quite welcome. :)

. Prologue

. Jump Error

. Club Wolf

. Adrift

. The New Formation

. Beta's Brilliancy

. Ensis

. Day of Reflection

. Wagering Lights

. Counter of the Cumulus

. Submerciful

. Constellations

kaguth said: 'Every time I listen to a Disasterpeace album I wish someone would make the game that goes with it.'

Rotten Legacy said: 'Submerciful is definitely my favorite. It's so surreal and relaxing, and the title is so clever.'

TheAntix said: 'I searched for "electronic disaster". Not sure what I expected to find, but this is pretty awesome.'

Disasterpeace - Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar (Full Album) Chiptune by

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