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If you need new chillwave music or don't know what it's all about, the albums below will give you more of what you're looking for.

MelodySoul - Coubo - Selcouth

MelodySoul Coubo - Selcouth song img

support that boi --> coubo

Coubo's debut album "Selcouth" is now available!

Listen on your favorite music platform:


Official music video for Novel:

Artwork by JP

Coubo - Selcouth by MelodySoul

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- Vanilla : Soft Focus (FULL ALBUM)

-- Daybreak (Intro)

-- The End

-- A Chance

-- So What

-- Still Love U

-- Just Like

-- Dreamin'


-- How

-- Someone New

-- Matter Of Time

-- Hanging Around

-- Again Again (Interlude)

-- Give You Everything

-- Let It Be Me

-- By

-- Tomorrow

-- Forgetful

-- Yeah

-- Put A Spell On You

-- Morning Sun

-- Used To Be

-- Cry

-- All Around Me

-- Hate To Ask

-- The Winter

-- People Person

MLucky said: 'The artist VANILLA real human name is Hugo Harrison, a UK based artist with a Masters in Sound design (or something like that).

Big ups to him, look him up!'

NodeHaus Casting said: 'one of the best independently produced beat tapes of all time.

Along with Donuts and Nujabes' catalog.'

Brett Hamilton said: 'Vanilla's albums are some of the best stuff I've ever listened to.'

Vanilla : Soft Focus (FULL ALBUM) by

Taikaishi - Lofi Dreams EP

Taikaishi Lofi Dreams EP song img

Why, hello there!

It's me, ya' boyo Taikaishi!

Hope all is going well with everyone 'round the world, there's a lot going on I know, but it is okay! just keep that smile on your face and keep on vibing!

Keep the vibes high, energy higher!"

Happy Holidaze!

Lofi Dreams EP by Taikaishi

Snowden Official - Keep Quiet

Snowden Official Keep Quiet song img

The second single and two remixes from the album No One In Control to be released on Serpents Snakes on May th, .

Keep Quiet by Snowden Official

- Solar Fields - Movements [Full Album]

. Solar Fields - Sol :

. Solar Fields - Circles of Motion :

. Solar Fields - Discovering :

. Solar Fields - Sky Trees :

. Solar Fields - The Stones are not too busy :

. Solar Fields - Dust :

. Solar Fields - Das Bungalow :

. Solar Fields - Feeling (album edit) ::

. Solar Fields - Patterns ::

. Solar Fields - The Road to Nothingness ::

. Solar Fields - Breeze ::


The Bitzpan - Flowing Matter

Solar Fields - Origin

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adam zabawa said: 'This isn't music.. This is a journey.'

Intellect Design saidSolar Fields'

voidcat said: 'Solar Fields is the guy how took electronic music to the next level.'

Solar Fields - Movements [Full Album] by

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