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The crazy fire stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

My Humble Adobe Of Short Stories

Hi beautiful people, welcome to my humble home.

Don't forget to wipe your feet on the welcome mat.

Here you will find various stories to spend your time with.

Sit down to have some tea and a good book to nuzzle your nose into.

Your dreams will be filled with mystery, adventure, paranormal or any genre you like.

So make sure that you stay here for a long time and I guarantee you that you will have a memorable one.

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How would one make Silver tip bullets?

How would someone make efficient silver tip bullets to say theoretically take down a werewolf or vampire and for whatever else there could be out there? Like do you just dip the tip in silver or cut the tip off and replace it with silver? Silver core with a lead shell? Does it have to pure silver or can lower grades be acceptable? Also does the silver have to blessed by a priest?

I'm asking for a friend obviously..

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My grandfather, who served in the during WWII, told me the scariest part wasn't the machine gun fire directed at him when he stormed the beaches.

The scariest thing was seeing the webbed, scaly, clawed hands that would reach out of the water and drag a few of the dead bodies into the sea.

Posted on Reddit by Mr_Charms_505.

The Girl of Ash and Snow

When a remote mountain village is attacked, it sets off a chain reaction that will change the course of history...

THE CLIMBER When tragedy strikes, ripping all that she loves from her, Wren, must embark on a desperate rescue mission across a kingdom on the cusp of rebellion.

By her side, a mysterious ally whose secrets might just change the course of her life forever.

THE DRAGONIR Haunted by a past he cannot escape, Lorca must gamble it on a stranger whose wild eyes and secrets ensnare him.

For with her, he may just find what he seeks...or watch as it burns around him once again.

THE STRANGER For her whole life, Sorcha has been hidden away, burdened by ancient magic...and a future that looms like a coming storm.

But the time has come for her to claim her destiny, no matter the price.

Worlds are about to collide in a struggle for power, hope and betrayal.

For the path of revenge is steeped in blood and darkness.

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This girl is on fire I hummed.

I thoughtd itd be fitting for getting rid of the evidence.

Posted on Reddit by NiniBowman_9387.

She stood outside the blazing home waiting for the fire department to arrive, but the young mother felt a glimmer of hope her infant son might be saved when she saw their golden retriever race heroically back into the inferno.

Moments later she saw his wagging tail reappear, but a heaving sob escaped her chest as she noticed the squeak toy in his mouth.

Posted on Reddit by FrolickingAlone.

Phoenix Ascending

"The hardest part about rising from the ashes is learning to live again." 17 year-old Anka Laurent never thought she would be more than a teenager, scared of what bruises she would get that day.

When her father dies and her uncle enrolls her at an academy full of supernaturals, her first instinct is to run.

Because humans and supernaturals just don't mix.

But once she fights fire with fire, she learns that there's a whole world beneath the flames.

And she didn't stick around to face the consequences.

Falling in love with a vampire, who has a murderous brother, was one of them.

And soon, she's swept up into a world where there's only one right answer: magic.

Welcome to the world of FireRose academy.

Here, nothing is impossible.

Cover credit: authorlove21

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Shortly after our arrival to the cottage, I tried to start the fire that my parents prepared for us.

I froze in confusion and fear after realising that my sons pyjamas were scattered amongst the kindling, shredded scraps with red splotches.

Posted on Reddit by shoutsfrombothsides.

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