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Crazy circus stories like the ones below pour in from all over the globe. Coincidence? well...

The Living Doll

The Puppet Master and his marionette put on quite a show, but there is more to them that meets the eye.

The Living Doll on Wattpad

"The audience wants something more exiting than a girl born with one arm", the circus director said.

"But maybe my freak breeder can use her to create a REAL attraction."

Posted on Reddit by Winjasfan.

My paranormal experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas

My paranormal experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas

First off, yes I know it isnt the nicest hotel in the strip to stay but I was there with a friend and their family. The first night everything was normal, except the second nightwhen my friend and I took over the suite their two family members had used the first night (they had to take off early to leave but they booked their room for two nights).

The first weird thing was that in a suite, theres always another room attached by a door. But this instance was weird. The door into the other side of the suite was lockedwe looked under it because we thought we heard a noise coming from it (mind you we were at the end of a hallway so there was no other rooms connected to ours other than what was supposed to be the extra suite room) so I looked under the door and it looked like no one had been in there to clean up in AGES. From what I could see, Dresser drawers were partially open and astray, there was a shampoo bottle on the floor and what almost looked like rat droppings. It looked like the room hadnt been touched in a long time for whatever reason. I got sort of excited because I know circus circus is very haunted, the part of our room had two beds so my friend took one and I took the otherthe bed facing the weird door.

Everything had been normal all evening we were mostly out exploring the hotel and the casino area and when we came to bed I looked under that door that should have been accessible to our room and to my surprise more of the drawers had been opened and some shut. We both thought it was super strange seeing as our room was at the end of a hallway this door from our main room was the only access to it. We carried on and got ready for bed when around 2:45 am I was abruptly woken up by my blankets being yanked up over my legs and there was shadowy figure I thought it was my friend playing a prank on me. I immediately turned my bedside light on and saw my friend was sleeping. I woke him up and told him what happened and we were both pretty freaked out.

I know reports of ghosts yanking blankets off of people have been reported at this hotel (did all my research on the way there lol) and I had a hard time going back to sleep. I noticed when we had first came back into the room this night I felt a darker energy, Im very sensitive to the paranormal and have had more experiences than i can count. I heard some scratching noises coming from the other room which also delayed my sleep. I ended up taking a nice little edible to go back to bed. We woke up the next morning and discussed what had happened the night before and it was pretty exciting as creepy as it was lol. Definitely one of the more haunted hotels on the strip. Thanks for reading!

Posted on Reddit by sahara812.

Girl x Girl Oneshots

A collection of GirlxGirl short stories.

Girl x Girl Oneshots on Wattpad

We laughed at the circus freak as he tripped over his malformed feet

But he had the last laugh when my mates were found swinging from the trapeze.

Posted on Reddit by SimbaTheSavage8.

The clown from the circus said that he'll be my friend forever.

Since then the circus closed, but i still see my clown friend from my bedroom window every night.

Posted on Reddit by Dani02_11.

The Mask Maker

When the circus came to town, a mysterious figure arrives with them; a man with a collection of masks unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

Masks that could make you see things, do things, and even kill...

The Mask Maker on Wattpad

I know I went to this circus every year with my dad, but why don't I remember any of it

And why do all the clowns look like me

Posted on Reddit by JoeyDaInsaneClown.

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