Chill and Trill with ARRA - Artist Interviews #13



This week's artist interview brings us closer to young NY-based talent, Arra.

At 16, Arra's music and talent are nothing short of impressive.

Her tracks range from R&B and Soul to authentic NY dancehall.

OfficialArra · ARRA - Talk To Me Feat. Psycho Produced By Jay Urban

Her unique singing imparts a nearly spiritual vibe to some of her songs - "Facing Giants" being a particularly nice example.

However, in songs like "I Don't Wanna," her voice booms powerfully over a stiff beat. Clear proof of her massive emotive range.

Arra gave us the scoop on her motivations and ideas on music below, so check them out! Be sure to tune in to her tracks on Soundcloud and follow her on Twitter (@Official_Arra) as well.

What is your main source of inspiration for your music?

My main sources of inspiration for my music are my emotions.

The feelings that surround me as a person and the people in my life.

In addition, I just use my events in my life that have a significant impact on who I am.

OfficialArra · Arra- Party No Talk


Which one of your songs means the most to you? Why?

The song that means the most to me is ID Me.

That song means the most to me because it was written at a time of pain, a time of vulnerability.

Every time I perform or listen to my song I still go back to that time, to those feelings.

Even to this day, I still find every line extremely relatable and getting me through a tough time.

That song is my pep talk whenever I need to remember how far I have come emotionally

OfficialArra · Id Me - ARRA


What do you feel is most important in the life of a musician?

What I feel is most important in the life of a musician is pure fun.

Things that generate creativity and great vibes, but also at the same time musician needs those parts of life that drag them down and makes them look at things a much different way.

Musicians need to be able to live and express.

OfficialArra · ARRA - I Don't Wanna


Who are your top 3 favorite singers?

My top 3 favorite singers would be Jessie J, Khalid and Frank Ocean.

OfficialArra · Arra- Facing Giants


What, in your opinion, makes for a great song?

In my opinion, what makes for a great song is the ability it has to connect with people and pull emotions out of people that they never knew they had.

A great song can transport someone into their own world, into a better world, into a story.

A song should be able to help someone not only feel what emotion they are feeling but understand their emotions and get through it, give them a voice.


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Be sure to check out Arra's tracks on Soundcloud, follow her on Twitter (@Official_Arra) and keep it ODD!

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