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Now public spaces are filled with people in unnatural trances staring at their devices..

At any rate...

If you want to know what trance music is all about, the albums that follow are sure to be a great starting point. Check them out...

Songs - Music Is Elation's Blissful Island Vol.2

Songs Music Is Elation's Blissful Island Vol.2 song img

ISMVA004.1 by Ismus

ISMVA004.1 by Ismus song img

Mastering by Eric Reivolp, Artwork by Nick Cocozza

ISMVA004.1 by Ismus

Roza Terenzi jd - Third Nature by Step Ball Chain

Roza Terenzi  jd - Third Nature by Step Ball Chain song img

Vinyl Order: surl.liazccz

A subconscious inhale of precious tranquillity, Step No.4 hosts a rare and sentimental collaboration between Roza Terenzi and Australian virtuosic enigma jd. An intrinsic connection of friendship, understanding and mutual exchange of instinctive musical roots in the form of EP Third Nature. Divided by different continents, live recordings from a studio in Melbourne have been sent via cyberspace and sculpted into four genre expansive explorations, from new-age junkyard to devious dnb.

Textural research is extensively carried out through the records A side; polyrhythms galore as hand drums collide with shimmered shakers; forming tripped out tessellations. A leftfield nod to Madonna drools below the opening track, an anchor for mind-wandering timbre and chordal bliss, glorious saxophone trickles throughout an uplifting swell of suspended melodics. Constant evolution as things progress to a downtempo subterranean soundscape, A2 dropping deeper into pulsating bass, ricochets of drum cuts flickering in and out to haze out rhythmic stagnation yet maintain a complex flow. In contrast, the B side speeds soar, firstly a dreamy, steamy progressive peak timer; playful in nature yet packing a punch. The closer showcasing a...

Roza Terenzi jd - Third Nature by Step Ball Chain

Songs - Birthday Bash August! 2016

Songs Birthday Bash August! 2016 song img

In celebration of Pacman's Birthday, Music Is Elation brings you Birthday Bash fun for August! Get ready to eat some cake and party with some of the best talent from the Music Is Elation team on soundcloud! And most of all, enjoy the party!

Follow Music Is Elation on facebook herewww.facebook.commusiciselation

Birthday Bash August! 2016 by Songs

4 The People by DJ HEARTSTRING

4 The People by DJ HEARTSTRING song img

Arriving hot on the heels of their 1Ø PILLS MATE debut, Berlin based DJ HEARTSTRING continues their quest for hyper-trance domination with four different cuts of high energy flavour, this time with a heavy focus on the RB queens of yesteryear and a distinctive blend of euro-dance cheese. This is trance-techno for people that like pop music.

Cant Stop The Night epitomises fun. Dance music that does what it says on the tin; bouncey, sample-heavy trance-pop that gives of a rare edit type of energy it lives in a world that is less considered with intelligent dance music and more concerned with having a good time. Will You Remember Me When Im Gone follows in a similar manner, the blueprint for the EPs RB, pop influence becoming clear through a blend of nostalgia and hands-in-the-air energy.

Things get heavier on Back Together a very familiar vocal sample provides an almost vampirish darkness to arcade-inspired trance licks and pounding kicks, before Passionate Tears takes us beyond the clouds, the sun and the stars with a huge cut of classic emotion that has one eye on the trance golden era of the 90s and the other on the pop trends and melodies within the contemporary soundscape.

4 The People by DJ HEARTSTRING

Songs - Music Is Elation - Ear Candy Vol.2

Songs Music Is Elation - Ear Candy Vol.2 www.facebook.commusiciselation song img

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