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Neurofunk music albums like those featured in this article come at you with all kinds of crazy sounds. Tune on in...

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Switch Technique - V LP by Othercide Records

Switch Technique - V LP by Othercide Records song img

Our planet, a planet we call Home, a blue sphere in vast, black space.

Our Home has its limits of existence and we can't exist without it.

But Home can exist without us...

Explore the history of a human being through this musical journey, accompanied by the sounds of nature.

Immerse yourself in its indigenous tribe vibe, experience the spark of civilization and then its fall and apocalyptic fade.

We live, whether we like it or not, in age of transition. The only question is how it will end...

With deliverance from the destructive activities of human beings, or equally, disaster.

Switch Technique - V LP by Othercide Records

- Noisia - Outer Edges (Full Album)


00:00 The Approach

01:29 Anomaly

05:34 Collider

10:19 Vigilantes

13:07 Tentacles

16:20 Voodoo

19:34 Mantra

23:23 Surfaceless

25:04 Straight Hook

28:28 Stonewalled

32:06 Motion Blur

35:30 The Entangled

38:46 Exavolt

41:47 Into Dust

46:07 Miniatures

49:01 Sinkhole

52:31 Get Deaded

56:28 The Approach (Reprise)

French Plates 2018 by DNB France

French Plates 2018 by DNB France song img

Here comes the third DNB France compilation gathering the most talented local producers ! A made in France recipe filled up of 25 tracks blind marked and settled on by our team. From liquid to neurofunk topped by some deep and halfstep vibes, FRENCH PLATES 2018 serves a large array of sounds and colors from both reknowned and hungry rising producers ! This third part brings forward a healthy and delectable French Drum Bass !

Thanks to all the artists


French Plates 2018 by DNB France

Skull Breakers by Various Artists

Skull Breakers by Various Artists song img

- The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy [Full Album] 2015

1. The Day Is My Enemy

2. Nasty

3. Rebel Radio

4. Ibiza

5. Destroy

6. Wild Frontier

7. Rok-Weiler

8. Beyond the Deathray

9. Rhythm Bomb


11.Get Your Fight On


13.Invisible Sun

14.Wall Of Death

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