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Chillwave music albums are the best when you need to lose yourself in some new sounds. Try these ones out...

PhantomDoza - Sweet tunes, TRIP HOP, DUSTY JAZZ,..!

PhantomDoza Sweet tunes, TRIP HOP, DUSTY JAZZ song img

A playlist of some of my favorite tracks.

Sweet tunes, TRIP HOP, DUSTY JAZZ,..! by PhantomDoza

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- - 新しい日の誕生Birth of a New Day (Full Album) [HD]

A collaboration between Vaporwave producers Hong Kong Express and t e l e p a t his a project that creates cyberpunk-esque, dystopian yet psychedelic and relaxing ambient soundscapes. Drifting off into a daydream is hard to avoid as each track flawlessly flows into another, each with its own unique atmosphere.

. 恢复Recovery :

. 遠くの愛好家Distant Lovers :

Shinjuku Golden Street :

. ふわっとDrifting :


. 真実の恋True Love :

. テレパシーTelepathy :

The Birth of a New Day :

on Bandcamp

said: 'Welcome back to dreamland, everyone.'

Jonathan Price said: 'Traveled for over straight hours from the USA to a resort in Phan Thiet, Vietnam for my honeymoon back in . Played this song on a wireless soundbar in our resort as we were beyond exhausted. Will never forget the feeling of drifting in and out of sleep to this. Now my wife has passed away, and that moment, listening to this album will alway sit with my soul.'

Table for Two said: 'Just listening to this as I do my errands for the day. Keeps me relaxed.'

- 新しい日の誕生Birth of a New Day (Full Album) [HD] by

Kvren Vu - MARY JANE.

MARY JANE. by Kvren Vu song img

dja10 - BOSC

dja10 BOSC  song img

Best of SoundCloud ??? (The Search For Frisson) just my picks for the year Not a ranking, best enjoyed in Shuffle...

Fav ProducerArtist itspham, stelouse, clayjaymusic, marshmellomusic, gillchang, polypinesmusic, kiiaraonline, electricmantis, curdabur, quinn-official, tul-pa, theweeknd, troyboi, sanholobeats, lanemusic

BOSC by dja10

- Tycho - Dive (Full Album)

: : A Walk

: : Hours

: : Daydream

: : Dive

: : Coastal Brake

: : Ascension

: : Melanine

: : Adrift

: : Epigram

: : Elegy

Chris Kogossaid: 'This is the video where I discovered Tycho and now I've seen him live, bought of his albums and a poster, thus proving that if you put your music on the internet for free you will make money.'

Taylor Plummer said: 'Ive struggled with very serious variations of mental illness and addiction. Whenever Im in a bad place and I am able to, I put on this album and it wraps me up in a hug.

Especially the song a walk it tells me everything is okay, fills me up with love. It carries me through the bad feelings and thoughts every time. Ive never not cried to a tycho song lol. I wish I could thank him personally for providing music with such a light that it feels like medicine. Thank you tycho

Im still struggling with alcoholism, but Ive let go of the other addictions. If you read this, thank you and if you are struggling too, my love goes out to you. Peace be with you all, spirit walkers.'

DIGITAL DREAMS said: ' days sober, getting ready for a job i hate, trying to be thankful. It could be worse. Thank you Tycho for the positive jams and thank you comment section for the great vibes We will get through this'

Tycho - Dive (Full Album) by

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