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Breakbeat music albums are the best when you need to lose yourself in some new sounds. Try these ones out...

The Prodigy - Wild Frontier (Remixes)

Wild Frontier (Remixes) by The Prodigy song img

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Anathema by Oblique Occasions

Anathema by Oblique Occasions song img

- Colombo - Abandoned Factory (2012) [full album]

Label: iBreaks

Genre: Electronic, Breakbeat


01. Gods

02. The Place To Be

03. Deja Vu

04. Let The Bass Go

05. Get Down!

06. Funky Alloy

07. Rusty Cutter

08. Molten Metal

09. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast!

10. Acrux

11. Put This Beat To Rest

12. Sediments

13. We Are Back

14. Divine Magic

Marcelo said: 'I want a physical copy of this masterpiece!'>>Fender Tremolo saidLiquidgrin said: 'Tasty breaks! Colombo always bring that dirty breakbeat flavor.'

Colombo - Abandoned Factory (2012) [full album] by

Primal Code - AI Calculator incl. Priori Remix (OYSTER32) by Kalahari Oyster Cult

Primal Code - AI Calculator incl. Priori Remix (OYSTER32) by Kalahari Oyster Cult song img

Snippets:>>bit.ly3mWrEiP>>Discogs:>>www.discogs.comrelease21614911-ode-AI-Calculator>>Up next in our main series are Milan-based dub techno outfit Primal Code. With a solid back catalogue comprising releases for Hypnus Records, TGP and Konstrukt, the Italian duo have honed their skills to impressive effect over the last few years, forging a sound signature thoroughly engaging on both body and cerebral levels, and now punching in on KOC to breathe further hard-hitting opaque heat into the collection.>>Putting things into gear, AI Calculator propels us across dim-lit streetscapes and murky subterranean entrails, pared-down to a minimal array of modular signals, subtle machine inflections and particularly acute rhythmic progression. Steering the original into further pumped-up, DJ-friendly territories, NAFF affiliate Priori drops the hammer badman style, bringing forth the racing muscular bass and squelchy machine talk on loop mode to keep everyone on their toes from start to finish.>>Flexing a different kind of acidic swagger, Autopilot... more

Primal Code - AI Calculator incl. Priori Remix (OYSTER32) by Kalahari Oyster Cult

Specimen A - Releases remixes [Click for more info]

Releases  remixes [Click  for more info] by Specimen A song img

editz vol.1 by Soul Mass Transit System

editz vol.1 by Soul Mass Transit System song img

Pearson Sound - HES037 - Alien Mode EP

Pearson Sound HES037 - Alien Mode EP song img

Here's my new EP for Hessle - it's out tomorrow 12" vinyl and digital via Bandcamp! On all other digi services 10th July :)>>-->>Pearson Sound returns to Hessle for the first time in 5 years, with an EP for clubs and warehouses varied in tone and intensity. 'Alien Mode' orbits around a sledgehammer breakbeat, processed for impact on contemporary dancefloors whilst referencing the sonic palette of early hardcore and jungle, with its time-stretched vocals and restrained FX stabs. 'Cobwebs' flips a percussion sample, officially licensed from Nigerian musician Adewale Ayuba, into a head-spinning sub-fuelled roller at 155bpm. The understated ecstasy of 'Everything Is Inside Out' closes the EP with its elastic arpeggios and yearning synth lines.

HES037 - Alien Mode EP by Pearson Sound

- DJ Full Album Arief 2022

DJ Full Album Arief 2022

arief dj breakbeat

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Tittle : DJ Full Album Arief 2022

Artis, Song Lyric : Mixtape breakbeat 2022

Original ReMix Mixing : Emin Mix, Anggra Dwiky, RetroHand,

Video Grafis Editor : Beryl, Arul, Pai

Photo Cover "BreakBeat Design"

Video Klip : JP Clubbers

Lokasi : New JP Club, Bekasi Indonesia

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Abdul Akbar said: 'Bass nya nyampek ubun2Alexs Saputera said: 'Mantaaaaaaap.. banget kk DJ nya.. ga tau knpa stiap denger music dj2 kk.. sllu buat merinding.. saking enak nya.. pass lagu sma music nya.. bass nya yg sangat padat.. cocok untuk smua ruangang. Apa lgi di mbil... Smoga makin Succes sllu.slm dri Lampung kota wisata Krui city..ombak terindah no 2 dri BALI...'>>Umay Sbastian said: 'Hajar terus jangan di kasih kendor musik nya, mantap betull i like'

DJ Full Album Arief 2022 by

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