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Tag has never been seen as a scary game, but playing it with King Midas may have changed that.

On another note...

Scary puzzle games abound, but these beauties are well worth picking up and playing. Just saying...


Chester video game Developed by Daniel George

Developed by Daniel George

EPILEPSY WARNING: Chester includes multiple flashing lightsscreens.

After a tragic accident, you find yourself fighting your worst fears.With your best friend Chester at your side, you'll face down what lurks in the dark.Be brave, but make decisions carefully. They'll determine whether you survive thenight or not.Chester is a first-person short-horror exploration game based off of childhood nightmares.After a tragic accident, you find yourself trapped in a horrific situation. You'll have to make quick decisions, and keep your wits about you as you're being hunted in your own home.The player's decisions will result in a good or bad ending, so be smart, and thoughtful at every turn. Chester may take you a short amount of time to complete, or it may take you a long amount of time to complete. This is purely a result of your gameplay. Be wary, keep your eyes open, and ears attentive.The player will interact with the environment, and will have to explore in order to complete the game and stay alive.Chester is based off of our simple childhood fears.What if something is lurking in the dark? What if we lose our favorite plush toy?What if we are alone? What if... there is an intruder?Much of this game is pulled directly from the childhood nightmares and fears that we all shared.


Chester video game Developed by Daniel George video screen

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Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy video game by AttainableEnt

Made by AttainableEnt

Tall Poppy is a fun-house horror experience where you must find your wife's purse and a way off the church property before the prankster ghost gets you!

System Requirements (Recommended)

OS: Windows 10 64 bit

Processor: i5 4000 series or better

Memory: 6 Gigs of RAM or better

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti or better.

Storage: 902 MB

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Tall Poppy

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Hate's Offering

Hate's Offering video game Developed by AvrillionArts and published by AvrillionArts

Developed by AvrillionArts and published by AvrillionArts

Open Your Eyes, Jack.In 1965, a string of murders and kidnappings has gripped the small country town of Relon. It seems that the police can do little as the murderer is always two steps ahead of them until finally, he kidnaps one of their own, Jack Whiting. Jack, who recently lost his wife and daughter in a car accident must use everything he has learned as a detective in Relon, and all his experience from his days in the war to escape the harrowing basement of puzzles and terrors.It's Time You See Things ClearlyHate's Offering is a psychological horror game set in 1965 where you must solve demonic puzzles that often leave you questioning why anyone would create such a place. But all is not as it seems. This distant killer is closer than you know.A seemingly deranged disciple of Satan has left clues and objects that hit a little too close to home for Jack, it's starting to look like you are the final victim and everything so far has just been the opening act. Even if you survive, nothing will ever be the same.

Hate's Offering

Hate's Offering video game Developed by AvrillionArts and published by AvrillionArts video screen

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Malone In Nightmares

Malone In Nightmares video game Developed by Who Made This? and published by Demolish Games S.A.

Developed by Who Made This? and published by Demolish Games S.A.

Malone is a little boy who is not brave. How many young people fear the dark, and there is always a mysterious monster lurking in its nightmares. The boy falls asleep every night with the lamp on - then all his fears disappear.

Tonight, however, Malone will have no choice but to face a nightmare for dawn. Who will win this clash? Malone or the monster in the boy's body?

The nightmares dragged the boy into his worst dream, as well as kidnapped his favorite mascot - a plush bunny. Your goal is to find the toy, although this will require you to face your biggest fears.

You'll be surrounded by sticky sounds and harsh sounds coming from the darkest nooks and crannies. The graphics of the game are a monochrome combination of richly detailed elements with a disturbingly empty space.

Solve logical puzzles; sometimes you will also need to be timing and very agile. But don't get paralyzed by the breath of those terrible monsters on your neck!

The game is divided into chapters. In each chapter, you will discover several levels of deeper and deeper sleep where you will learn additional mechanics and skills

Challenge this 2D puzzle platformer set in a small scary world born in Malone's imagination.

Malone In Nightmares

Malone In Nightmares video game Developed by Who Made This? and published by Demolish Games S.A. video screen

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Otherside video game by Ben Lapid

Made by Ben Lapid

"... a surreal little adventure that feels like a blend ofMystand the ending of2001: A Space Odyssey."

Otherside by Ben Lapidis a psychedelicfirst person exploration game set between worlds. While the game is light on puzzles, it offers an opportunity to look at pretty things and interact with alien artifacts.

Lights out. Headphones in. See you in the Otherside.

Playtime:10 minutes


WASD] - Move

Mouse] - Look

Right-click] -Look closely

Note that this uses some fancy programming magic and your graphics card might cry :(

Review:Free Game Planet


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Phobies video game Developed by Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. and published by Smoking Gun Interactive Inc.

Developed by Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. and published by Smoking Gun Interactive Inc.

From the industry veterans who brought you Company of Heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siege, comes Phobies, Smoking Gun Interactive's new terrifying collectible card game! Summon your worst fears and use their abilities to seize control of perilous environments. Wield a masterful strategy and outsmart all players who dare challenge you in an asynchronous battle and arena.Collect over 120 powerful and mischievous Phobies inspired by your most irrational fears. Evolve your strategies as you unlock new fears and abilities. Level up your Phobies to give them an added edge in battle.Watch your fears come to life in the whimsical world inspired by your subconscious. Traverse hazardous tiles and use the environment to stem the tide in your favor.Unlock weekly and seasonal rewards while ascending the Mount Ego leaderboards.Play solo challenge modes, battle your friends, or faceoff against millions of players worldwide! Join the community of fellow Phobie enthusiasts, eager to unlock their deepest fears.Are you brave enough to face your fears?FEATURES:COLLECT FEARSOME PHOBIES: Overpower your opponents by unlocking and upgrading your favorite Phobies. With an army of terrifying Phobies at your beck and call you are sure to win any battle.MASTER TACTICAL GAMEPLAY: Plan your strategy around hex-based environments. Utilize tactical positioning across spine-chilling terrains to gain an upper hand on your opponents.REFINE YOUR STRATEGY: Utilize the practice mode to test out and further refine your strategies before using them on your unsuspecting victims.TEST YOUR WITS IN CHALLENGE MODE: In need of a quick brainteaser? Try out the PvE challenge mode containing various puzzles and objectives to sharpen your wits.PLAY WITH YOUR FRENEMIES: Add and duel your friends in asynchronous PvP battles. That is one way to put them in their place!EXPERIENCE ASYNCHRONOUS BATTLE: Take your horror show to the masses by engaging in PvP battles with players worldwide. The turn-based mechanics of asynchronous battles allow players to play multiple matches simultaneously. Enjoy the never-ending terror and fun.COMPETE IN ARENA MODE: Feeling a bit antsy with competitive tendencies? Then experience the real-time mayhem of the arena mode. Assert dominance through strategic superiority in real-time battle. Why wait when you can win?PLAY WHEREVER YOU WANT: Take your worst fears with you wherever you go through cross-platform capabilities. Whether you prefer to dominate via PC or on the go through your mobile: play the game your way.


Phobies video game Developed by Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. and published by Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. video screen

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Azrael video game Developed by Kraken Games and published by Kraken Games

Developed by Kraken Games and published by Kraken Games

Azrael is a detectivehorror game designed by two passionate developers as part of a student project for 3 months.

Play as Azrael, a detective with occult powers which allows him to relive the crime scenes to solve a criminal case in a group of friends. Explore, find clues and try to investigate who is the serial murderer of the case.


In the scenes of each crime, you'll find clues that are used to interrogate suspects to see their reactions and build an opinion. Once again, you are the leader of this case and you have the responsibility to find the right suspect.


Explore different scary environments and solve some puzzles to find relevant clues in scenes, but don't stay too long in the world of the dead or your sanity will drop down!


Use the board in your office to recheck what you found and build your own interpretation of the case, it also allows you to prepare before going to interview a suspect.


Azrael video game Developed by Kraken Games and published by Kraken Games video screen

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Inside (Horror)

Inside (Horror) video game by Andries_Benade

Made by Andries_Benade

INSIDE is a horror game that uses certain elements, concepts and ideas to trigger the instinct for natural, primal FEAR.

Players are provided with a full story and 4 endings based on what the player did and how the player completes the game: The more effort that is put into and the game, the more rewarding the ending is.

You will not be disappointed by Inside.


Cheat Codes are made available for FREE!

Minimum System Requirements: 2GB RAM, Intel Core Celeron, 600MB Storage

Recommended System Requirements: 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5, 600MB Storage

horror inside scary survival multiple-endings realistic creepy action puzzle singleplayer

Inside (Horror)

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