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You probably won't want to miss these first-person action games. If you have time to spare, then try these out!

Dungeon Raider

Dungeon Raider video game Developed by Roni Games and published by Roni Games

Developed by Roni Games and published by Roni Games

Dungeon Raider is a hardcore endless hack 'n slash runner with RPG elements. You play as an adventurer lost in time and space, with enemies and traps behind every corner. Explore a seemingly endless tunnel full of mystery and death, find mythical creatures, many foes, and few friends!

You can unlock different weapons so you can proceed further easily. What more do you want?

If I can beat this game, so can you!" - One of the people who made this game.

Each monster has it's own battle style and way to be defeated. The rest is adaptation and anticipation.

The story is irrelevant as it happens in all time and space. But it will get clearer some time in somewhere.

Dungeon Raider

Dungeon Raider video game Developed by Roni Games and published by Roni Games video screen

More about this game here.

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KARLSON video game by Dani

Made by Dani

Do you like action, parkour shooting?!

well you came to the wrong place, but i can offer you some milk at least

Karlson is a milk-infused fellow, on a mission to take down anyone in his way to secure the milk.

Wishlist KARLSON on Steam

The making of Karlson


More about this game here.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged

POSTAL: Brain Damaged video game Developed by Hyperstrange

Developed by Hyperstrange

Get ready to experience POSTAL from a brand-new perspective! This boomer-shooter spin-off of the fan-beloved Running With Scissors franchise will take you further down the rabbit hole than any previous game of the series. Youre not in Paradise anymore, and things are about to get weird, as POSTAL: Brain Damaged happens within the twisted psyche of the POSTAL DUDE, himself!

Wild setting? Even wilder gameplay! While staying true to POSTALS trademark tone and humor the game plays very different to all the previous titles in the series. What you get is fast, challenging, and full of varied, meticulously designed enemies and environments. If youre surfing the tidal wave of throwback shooters or enjoyed the latest installment of that game where you single-handily take on the forces of Hell invading Earth, you will feel right at home (even more so if your home smells really bad).

Make sure your body is ready to:

Explore an all-new, hand-crafted world full of surprises

Experience the challenging, fast-paced gameplay with quake-like movement and outrageous level design

Take a trip through the rich, twisted, ever-changing environments of POSTAL DUDES deranged mind

Shoot a variety of insane guns at some of the freakiest enemies to ever grace computer screens

Follow the all-original story line making the POSTAL-VERSE continuity even more effed-up than it was

Hear Corey Cruise returning as the POSTAL DUDE, with guest appearances from other fan-beloved voices

Enjoy the POSTAL series trademark dark, crude humor and glorification of fantasy violence

Its a mad game for the mad times, kids! From the studio that brought you ELDERBORN and Blood West, comes the first-person shooter you didn't know you need in your life - POSTAL: Brain Damaged.


POSTAL: Brain Damaged

POSTAL: Brain Damaged video game Developed by Hyperstrange video screen

More about this game here.

Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR video game Developed by Incuvo and published by Incuvo

Developed by Incuvo and published by Incuvo

How long can you survive in the Amazon rainforest?

Green Hell VR is the most complex and authentic survival game for VR. The game faithfully recreates the dangerous conditions of the Amazon jungle. Alone and stranded, you will never feel safe. To survive, you have to face your weaknesses. Maintaining hunger, thirst, fatigue and mental health is going to be an integral part of your journey. Wild animal attacks and tropical diseases could strike you down at any time and out of nowhere if you are not prepared. Since you wont get any help from the outside world, you need to craft your tools and weapons, learn how to build shelters, and heal nasty wounds.


You are Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist, who is thrown deep into the emerald and impenetrable Amazonian rain forest. The green hell. Surrounded by predators with only your trusty smartwatch, backpack, and the survival guide you grabbed just before leaving home, you will follow the familiar voice of a loved one through this endless and inhospitable jungle, unveiling bit by bit how you got there in the first place. What you discover will be worse than what you fought so hard against to survive.

Realistic VR Mechanics

Crafting - you find yourself lost in the Amazon with almost nothing, so knowing how to craft crafting is your best friend. The VR experience makes crafting even more authentic as you need to find the right elements and combine them to make tools, weapons, bandages, and more.

Building - construct yourself a safe place to spend the night as sleeping on bare ground in the jungle may not be the best idea. Build a temporary shelter or find a perfect location, gather materials, and construct your base to cook what you found during your exploration, and to protect yourself from dangers lurking in the shadows.

Healing - inspect your limbs, bandage wounds, and extract parasites. Experiment with different treatments to survive in the wild. You will discover plants and their medical potential by mixing them and making a brew. Be careful though, some ingredients dont go together, and some... well, youll see.

Food sources - you can hunt your dinner down, or you can choose not to kill animals. There are tasty and nutritious fruits like coconuts or bananas, a lot of unknown mushrooms, and plenty of plants, bulbs, and nuts to discover. These may be the sources of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, or they can have opposite effects! Be careful and stay healthy to survive.

VR Was Made For Games Like This!

With its vast mechanics based on natural movement and physics, and almost no visible UI and realistic gameplay elements such as your backpack and the map, Green Hell VR is highly immersive and gives you an opportunity to learn survival techniques in a harsh, demanding environment. Good luck!

Unique Features

Setting: deadly yet beautiful Amazon rainforest

Human-made structures to explore

Realistic body inspection

Multitude of different animal and plant species

Environment and body condition impact on your sanity

Day and night cycle with various weather conditions

Moving story rooted in modern reality

Ranged and melee combat

Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR video game Developed by Incuvo and published by Incuvo video screen

More about this game here.

Clucky's Picnic Adventure [Horror]

Clucky's Picnic Adventure [Horror] video game by HawkSandwich

Made by HawkSandwich

(Video from Alpha Beta Gamer)

Thanks for trying out my game. If you like it, please follow the development Feedback will be greatly appreciated and in my eyes this game is far from finished. More is to come, if people like it :)STORYYou come home to find this note:Entertaining your son's request, you try to beat the game for him.But the game turns out to be cursed, and the characters come to life in search of players' souls.GOAL-The goal of this game is to beat "Clucky's Picnic Adventure" on the in-gamevideogame console.-You MUST barricade doors before Clucky starts coming for you. Do this by placingobjects in front of a door.-You can kill Clucky using bear traps.-Clucky will always return to his dimension after a certain amount of time.GAME CONTROLS -Walk with the W,A,S,D keys-Look around using the mouse-Pick up objects using Left Mouse Button (LMB)-Interact with special objects (bear traps, etc.) using RMB -Object must not be held, otherwise it will be thrown.

Clucky's Picnic Adventure [Horror]

More about this game here.


Incursion video game Developed by Blake Gillman

Developed by Blake Gillman

Incursion is an indie FPS that aims for a unique wave survival experience with class-based combat for both co-op and singleplayer. Fight alongside strangers or friends and take advantage of unique team compositions, upgrade choices, and strategies to win in this solo-developed indie title.


Incursion brings a new twist on wave survival, heavily inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty. Utilize unique weapons, abilities, classes, and map knowledge in this intense shooter. Incursion is also primarily developed by one person, which means you know your feedback is going to be heard.



Game Features

Online Co-Op: Fight alongside strangers or friends. Unique team compositions, upgrade choices, and strategies can change how a game is played entirely!

Singleplayer: Why make The Republic spend money hiring more soldiers when you're all that's necessary to do the job? A true one man army!

Gameplay Mechanics

Unique Classes: Whether you prefer full-auto, explosions, sniping, or building there's something for you to do! When combined with others your team composition can completely change how you play the game.

Sub-Classes Loadouts: Not only does what class you choose matter, but so does your loadout! Every class has multiple different weapons or equipment you can start the battle with, and different combinations can play completely different.

In-Game Upgrades: You can upgrade your equipment mid-game to change its focus. That means using the same weapon you can tailor your upgrades toward offense, defense, or other play styles.

Is this game for you?

It's in my best interest to make sure you're happy with your purchase as I want to keep the reviews on this game as positive as possible.

So, are any of these deal breakers? If not, this game is perfect for you!

First person shooter

Reflex-based combat

Building defenses

Fighting waves of enemies on a map

2040 minute matches

Working toward alternative weapons

Classes that change what weapons you have

Est. 24 hours of gameplay


An alien civilization has launched a infectious virus on Earth in an event known as The Incursion. You're a member of the Republic Defense Force (RDF) whose day-to-day job is clearing infected from strategic locations or defending high value areas. Fight as your favorite class in this online wave-based zombie survival game!


Incursion video game Developed by Blake Gillman video screen

More about this game here.

Arsenal Shock

Arsenal Shock video game Developed by Arsenal Shock Team and published by Arsenal Shock Team

Developed by Arsenal Shock Team and published by Arsenal Shock Team

Arsenal Shock - First person arena shooter. Out now.COMBAT: Blending fast-paced first person shooter combat with ruthless enemies in diverse and challenging levels environments, Arsenal Shock pins the player in a mayhem-fueled fighting arena. Use a variety of dual weapons to fight off endless waves of enemies that get harder and harder. A score system always adds up total score at the end of each round.ARENA MODE: 9 diverse levels including: Egypt, Gladiator arena, Hell, Mayan, Scifi, Nuclear, Arctic, Village and Bounce. Use bounce pads and teleports to stay one step ahead of enemies.CAGE MATCH MODE: Use gravity fields and double jumping to your advantage to fight off deadly drones. Use dexterity to your advantage to stay alive.PLAYGROUND MODE: Play with a gravity gun, shoot barrels, destroy breakables and hover around in gravity fields.Follow Arsenal Shock on Steam and check out for media updates!

Arsenal Shock

Arsenal Shock video game Developed by Arsenal Shock Team and published by Arsenal Shock Team video screen

More about this game here.


SkillWarz video game by OneManArmy

Made by OneManArmy


SkillWarz is modern first person shooter game. Game is still in development and more content will be added in future updates.At this moment game has 7 game modes (Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Elimination, Team Gun Game, Capture The Flag and Domination) on more then 20 maps. Also Training mode, where you can learnpractice different things.

Some features:




Map vote



Seasonal Leaderboard

We have community forum: you can read all information about game and report bugs, cheaters.

Active members can even get administrator rights in game.

We have also Map Editor, which can be used to make maps and play on them. Or even to show us your map ideas.

More game screenshots can be found in this album onFacebook.

And some videos on YouTube.

Join Discord: can change controls in game settings.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1, macOS 10.13, Ubuntu 18.04

Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

CPU: with SSE2 instruction set support.


Processor: Intel Core i5 2500 AMD FX 8350 or better

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Geforce GTX 570 AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better

Storage: 6 GB available space

Frequently asked questions!

Q: Do i have to register?

A: Yes. To play game you must create account in game.

Don't try to login with forum account. It will not work.

Q: How to update game?

A: If you play via app, then game will update automatically.

If you download manually, then delete old version and download newest version.

Q: Game has Anti-Cheat?

A: Yes. Also we have game admins and players can report in forum.

Was added Bad Word Filter. Swearing in chat will lead to MuteBan.

Q: How to launch game on Mac?

I get error "application cant be opened", andor "Unidentified Developer".

A: You can install game via app, or watch tutorials on YouTube.

Q: Game crashes. What to do?

A: There are many reasons why game can crash and only in rare cases it's developers fault, so don't hurry to delete game and give the game bad rating.

Create topic in forum and provide information about your system (CPU, GPU, RAM and OS). If possible, try to record video and show us when exactly game crashes.


If you are on Mac and for you game runs way worse than before, then join forum and create topic in "Bug reports".


More about this game here.

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