Chase National Tequila Day Down With a Tequila Fact or Two - #MusicalMonday 10



Tequila is Mexico's finest achievement. Ok, fine, no it's not. But it is a fine achievement.

Whether your bottle has an extremely intoxicated worm in it or not is beside the point.

There's more to tequila than some chick named Tila!

Here are a few much needed tequila facts to chase that shot down.

Oh, and a playlist to vaguely remember after the fact.

Tequila Fact Uno!

Although 'Mezcal' is often thought of as a type of tequila, it's actually the other way around. Mezcal is made from the maguey plant (a type of agave), whereas tequila can be made with only 'blue agave.'

Tequila Fact Dos!

Tequila helps you lose weight! Some studies show it can break down fat and aid digestion.

Tequila Fact Tres!

The heart of an agave plant, when cultivated, tends to weigh more than 100 pounds!

Tequila Fact Cuatro!

An agave plant takes a minimum of 6 years to fully mature.

Tequila Fact Cinco!

Mezcal is actually way cooler than tequila. The fermentation process is certainly more interesting.

Agave is cooked underground with volcanic rocks in many cases!

Anyhoo, less talking, less walking, more stumbling...

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