Charles Freeman Thinks "This Ain't Love"


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Downtempo contemplative edm wrapped in atmosphere... Charles Freeman's "This Ain't Love" pushes and pulls at the senses.

In line with the musical leanings of Jack Grace and Massive Attack, "This Ain't Love" ambles in between our world and its own in a sea of soft echoed sounds.

"This Ain't Love"

Lakeside. Still water awaits disturbance.

You're choosing stones. Small, flat, smooth...

You dip your fingers in for it. This one's just right.

Almost thoughtless, you sling it. Over stars and moon, it skips away to the deep.

"Show me I'm yours..."

Digitalized vocals and ethereal echoes lend "This Ain't Love" an otherworldly vibe. It's meditative, yet immediate in its delivery.

Soothing synths run like water over a sparse, muted back-beat - mimicking heartbeats. Each refrain is high-tide, each verse sees the tide shift and pull away.


The song's style is predominantly minimalistic. There's no more than necessary polluting the mix. It makes for a distinctly focused track; focused on feeling.

This song will make you sway. Listen to get away a while. You just might love "This Ain't Love."

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