Chameleonize's "Velcro Shoes" Will Drastically Modify Your Mood

Odd Nugget Social

Jazz magic with a kick... Chameleonize's new tune "Velcro Shoes" shoehorns hard groove into modern melody.

This track is home-baked comfort with a killer edge.

There's no place like home.

Like love letters, held to heart...

Eyes closed, there you go.

Odd Nugget Soci

"I will forgive, but I will surely not forget..."

Chameleonize catch a fresh new vibe in "Velcro Shoes" and a listen will lead to you catching it too.

Drums and strings rush the senses with syrupy soft tones and tempo right off the bat. Funk flies in at full force, coursing through the mix in its entirety. Multifaceted melodies support scattershot vocals, sublime, as time shifts with amorphous rhythm. The sound itself is a moving target, its effect on the mind a sitting duck.


Letting go of the little things - thorns in our sides... "Velcro Shoes" shows us the bliss just beyond ignorance, igniting life like a supernova of sound.

One listen to this and you can practically feel your heart dancing. No medical attention needed, though. Just go ahead and press 'repeat' after 'play'.

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