Ceylon Ceylon and Graziella's "Why Don't They Love You" is Lively as They Come

odd nugget social-hecho

Sharp funk feels clap at raw rap in Ceylon Ceylon and Graziella's "Why Don't They Love You".

A mix of the funky, the groovy, the melody and more will leave your ears feeling satisfied for sure.

No time for the day.

City lights let the mice play.

Nighttime can be nice.

odd nugget soci-hecho

"...She can dig a wealthy man to the grave."

Ceylon Ceylon lace up a real looker of a track in "Why Don't They Love You".

Grimy synthwork infects the bass line in "Why Don't They Love You" and spreads in arcs and sparks to the middle of the spectrum. Graziella graces the tune with gritty words woven deep into dubby fabric. Dips and rhythmic flips force you to groove through to the end over tough soul and tougher syncopation.


"Why Don't They Love You" sounds like nights out in crimson neon lights. There's a tidal wave of attitude to send your senses keeling and reeling in this one.

Listening to this tune will take you straight to a dancefloor. So listen up and let the lasers fly.

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