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Han Solo and Shrek dress the same..

Considering that...

Crazy swamp stories like the ones below pour in from all over the globe. Coincidence? well...

My partner just glitched and it's freaking us out!


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I'd also like to respectfully ask people to stop sending me nasty messages about my relationship, please. That is not why I shared this experience. My partner and I have been together for a very very long time. His kids, my family, are happy and healthy and we are a very content little milkshake family, as the kids call us (blended)

Please stop sending me messages accusing my wonderful partner of being a paedo, or sending me articles saying he'll somehow end up abusive. Please.


Hi all.

Let me preface this by saying there has always been creepy $#!# happening around me and I have several stories of my Dad's old house which myself and my siblings all agree is haunted as #$@$. I also had my dead best friend visit me twice which was nice.

So this evening, my partner (42 M) and I (30 F) were upstairs sorting laundry, when his daughter (17) called us downstairs as dinner was ready.

I was heading down the stairs, my partner right behind me, literally two steps behind me.

He did his usual thing of tickling the back of my neck as we walked.

The bottom of our stairs is wooden so you can hear when somebody steps onto it from the carpeted stairs.

When we got to the bottom, my feet hit the floor as usual. I turned to ask him something and he wasn't there.

He wasn't #$@$ing there.

I totally froze for a second and looked up the stairs and there he was. On the top step, pale and shaking.

Asked him what the #$@$ just happened and he kept saying

"I don't know, I don't know, I was behind you and before I hit the bottom, the next step took me back upstairs!"

We are very freaked out. Didn't say $#!# to our girl as she is already leery of this stuff although he and I are somewhat used to it.

I am trying to get the courage to leave my laptop recording audio overnight because there definitely is SOMETHING weird happening.


I was JUST talking to my partner about the jump while we were cleaning our bedroom and the second he made a joke about "Spooks A-Poppin'" our bedroom door and bathroom door just slammed shut one after the other.

I'm chalking it up to our bedroom window being open a crack...I don't want to think of alternatives.


To the people messaging me saying my relationship is "yikes" and to join certain subs (Female Dating Strategy) I appreciate the concern.

To the other eejit who messaged calling my partner a sexual deviant, kindly relax and focus in your own relationship, if you have one. We are together 11years. I'm second Mom to the kids.

Not every relationship with an age gap is abusive. Not every relationship with an age gap is coercive.

I love him and the kids more than anything, and I would DO anything for my family.

So please, I appreciate the concern, but don't assume he is abusive or that I was "groomed" as one lovely person messaged.

And finally, to the person who asked me why I would want to be "fake Mom" to his kids- I'm sorry that's how you view my life from this one small snippet I posted and I hope you are content in your own life.

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The most dreadful night of my life which haunts me in my nightmare till this day.

This is the first time i am sharing this incident with others. I took permission from my other friend before sharing this. We just wanted u let u all know the how terrible black magic is and why we shouldn't interfere with the other side. Ill be using fake names for privacy and will not be revealing the location of the place because everyone knows that place in my country and might try to go there.

Me and 2 of my frnds used to hangout in our room everyday. We just got into university and lived in an apartment. One of my friend (rohan) told us that he had exams and will be living in the dorm of the university for studying and will be there till the exams finishes. He used to tell us fun experiences in the dorms so we were very interested and excited to go and stay in the dorm, so we took this chance and convinced him to let us stay with him for a few nights in the dorm.

So the dorm was a 4 storey building and we told him to show us around the dorm. We visited the 1st floor and there were rooms where students lived , we visited the 2nd and 3rd floor where he lived and after visiting the 3rd floor when we were about to go to the 4th floor we noticed there was a red cloth infront of the staircase to the 4th floor. We asked rohan about it he said he doesn't know about it and when he tried to ask others about it they didn't tell him anything, we wanted to go upstairs but rohan wouldn't let us go no matter what so we went to his room played cards. So after playing cards we were busy with our phones when my other friend (john) texted me in messenger if i wanted to go to the 4th floor but i told him rohan wouldn't let us so we decided that we would go when he would fall asleep. So rohan wanted to sleep on the floor but we urged him to sleep on the bed cuz we wouldn't be able to go out if he slept on the floor so he slept on the bed. After a while he heard light snoring from rohan and we got up and were about to go out when he called us from behind and asked us where were we going. Since we got caught we told him everything and he said he was acting to sleep because he thought we would do smth like this. We then requested him to let us go and after nagging for a while he agreed to come with us to the 4th floor.

We got out and the guard was on patrol with his torchlight so we had to crouch and walk towards the staircase. When we were infront of the staircase rohan tells us that we cannot open this cloth so we go under it. Jst after passing through the cloth a sense of fear starts working inside of me , i hear the sound of anklet and asked the others if they could hear it they said that they were hearing it aswell. The sound was like as if sm1 was running around fron one room to another. Rohan tells us to go back because he was feeling scared but john tells him he can go back if he want but we would continue. So even though he didn't want to go any further he came with us. We went up the stairs case and when we could see the halls of the 4th floor and my eyes went towards room number 404 fear struck deep in my heart when i saw huge lock with a lot of talismans on it. We went towards the room and we heard the sound of the anklet from inside. I tried peeking through the a hole in the door and what i saw made me drop to me knees and go completely numb, in the dim light of a lamp post on the opposite side i saw a body hanging from the fan and under it there was a girl dancing. My friends also peek through the hole one by one and rohan starts running down the stairs when he trips and becomes unconscious and john was trying to pull me down with him since I couldn't move. While trying to drag we down he trips and his head hits the railing of the stairs and blood starts falling down his head.

I sat there on my knees totally numb watching everything happening infront of me and couldn't move a finger. Before i could understand how long had passed John stands up at once and starts dancing like the girl i saw in the room. Blood was pouring down his head and covered the left side of his head, his face had become horrendous and he took his tongue out and kept biting it, he was running around like a madman and I couldn't take it anymore and lose my consciousness.

When i woke up the the extremely horrifying night hadn't ended, Rohan was unconscious on the stairs and John was trying to the door closed with the lock and talisman. But every time he touched the lock he was acting as if his hand was getting burned or as if he was feeling pain and he kept biting his tongue out of anger. All of a sudden he looks at me and come at me and tell me to open the door but i nod showing that i wouldn't open the door because the situation was like that with the doors closed and if i had opened the door we might have not returned alive. After seeing my nod he grabs my head and bangs it against the wall i fall down on the floor feeling extreme pain but a single word didn't come out of my mouth. After a while when the pain subceeded i saw that monster in disguise of my friend kicking and trying to open the door. I took this chance to walk on my hands and legs and try to get down, while i was going down i bit on Rohan'e cloths and tried to drag him down but I couldn't move him an inch, i went down and jst as i crossed the cloth i had regained my voice and started to scream.

The guard came running towards me and asked me what happened i ppinted towards the 4th floor and said save John and Rohan. The guard's face had dried up and he shook up in fear but he still went up, he saw John unconscious and saw Rohan kicking the door but not being able to open it, just when he tried to bring John down Rohan kicks the guard and drags John upstairs infront of the door and starts dancing in circle around him. The guard didn't say a single word to me and rushed downstairs and brought an Imam from a nearby mosque. It took about 20 minutes for them to arrive and i stood up with all my strength and went up with them. When we reach the 4th floor i saw Rohan jumping on John's chest and John looking at me and laughing. I lose consciousness again.

When i regained consciousness i found my self in a large hall and Rohan was beside me but we didn't see John anywhere. The Imam came to us after hearing we woke up and i ask him about John and i couldn't hold back my tears after hearing what he had said. When Rohan was jumping on John's chest he started reciting Ayat-al-Kursi ( a very powerful surah) and Rohan fell down on the ground and John regained consciousness. They both were brought to this hall and John had his head bandaged but the next day he woke up and committed suicide by jumping down from the 3rd floor. Me and Rohan kept crying after hearing this and the Imam left after seeing us in that state.

The next day the Imam came and asked us about what had happened on the 4th floor and why we went there. Rohan told after falling down he couldn't remember anything, i told the Imam everything and wanted to know why and what happened with us that night. What the Imam told me gives me goosebumps to this day.

Backstory of the landbuilding:

The building was made in 1993 by filling out a swamp and the land belonged to a man named Jake and one day his brother came with the documents of the land and had his name on it and claimed the land for himself. Since he had the documents he sold the land to the authorities who made the hall on the land afterwards. Jake was no where to found during and after this incident. After many years one day a strange boy came to that room 404 and he didn't talk with anyone and used to be alone all the time. His roommate complained that every night he had to go out of the room for 1 hour because he told him to. One night they heard load screaming from the room and when they went there they saw that boy had stabbed his roommate with a large knife and was covered in blood. He was saying something in a different language and all of a sudden broke the glass of the window and cut his own throat with it. A Imam was called and they could a pentagon drawn under his bed. The Imam told that he practiced black magic and had contacted with something unimaginably powerful and had promised it something but couldn't fullfill his promise so it killed both him snd his room mate. After that 3 boys came to that room and 3 of them committed suicide in the same way by cutting their throat.

This building exists till this day and students live in that building but no one goes to the 4th floor. Now the people who lives in the same country and understood which place i am talking about, please donot go there or try to explore or anything if u value ur life. And i request everyone to never think of doing black magic or trying to summon these things. Me and Rohan still blame ourselves over John's death and visit his parents from time to time. Black magic is real and the worst thing a person could ever get involved with.

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Weird experience when building base in the forest slope with a friend

So, this was around 7 years ago when I was still at last year of a primary school. With friend of mine, we used to go out and explore and build our base out of twigs, ropes and planks. Our city is elevated on something like a hill partially, and on the slope of it a on the east side there is a valley with a small river and a forest with a swamp.

We have been doing it for few weeks now usually in the middle of the day and came right back as sun has set but once we went on in the morning at 6am. Everything was pretty normal walking around, collecting twigs etc. After few hours when we were chillin to the music, we heard faint whistling. We ignored it, thinking it was some kind of a bird. But in 20min it started getting louder and closer to us, what is even weirder animals, such as foxes and wild homeless dogs, run to the foot of the hill which was unususal because they never crossed the river at the bottom of valley and especially this close to the hill.

It was too creepy and as frightened 14 yo, we just started to go uphill slowly because slippery leaves and overall angle of this slope needed to be takim with care. The noise of whistling was so loud as if it were just walking up the hill of us, we got so scared that we just ran uphill tripping and sliding down on wet ground without even thinking. As soon as we reached the top, we heard a scream of a woman like she was right by ourselves. We came back home freaked as never and give a break about our base for 2 weeks, so we could settle down our anxiety. We came back to find our base was left intact and rosary hung upon a branch of a tree near entrance to our hideout.

We continued doing our things and it never happened again. So Im thinking what do you think it was, there are 2 stories of 1 hobo rolling down the slope and dying and 1 firefighter who tell to his demise but no story of a woman. So after these years and reminding with my friends of this memory I have decided to stare it here. Maybe someone had such an experience or knows something

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The beast of Bladenboro

If you read my prior story called the red eyes, you will recall my grandfather telling me them woods hide a many dark secret. This is another one. It was also a story covered by monster quest a few years ago. So if you want to watch what started it all I recommend you go watch it first, I'm gonna tell you a story told to me that happened only a few months ago.

In the town of Bladenboro just 8 miles southwest of Elizabethtown where I stay it was said a demon cat from hell used to stalk the woods killing livestock and making the locals scared then suddenly it disappeared, that's what they say anyway, we know it didn't.

To this day there's been reports of something that looks like a abnormally large mountain lion with blood red eyes and fur as black as night. It's cries has been compared to that of a woman being torn apart and screaming for her life. Luckily it only has a taste for goats and cows, or so we think anyway. I will tell you there has been a few people that's gone missing. Some have been found and to hear some of the police tell the story the bodies were torn to shreds. It's not just located in Bladenboro like most think, It goes from Bladen lakes State Forest to the Green's Swamp area which covers 3 counties and 1,225 square miles.

A friend of mine was hunting one day down in the green's swamp when it started getting dark. If you hunt in this area you know you got to be out the woods before dark by law. So he climbed down from his tree stand and began the long walk through swamp and under brush to where he parked his truck. Now my friend is a corn bread fed southern boy and has the size to prove it. Standing 6 feet 6 inches with a weight of 260 pounds of pure farm muscle he isn't small by any standards. So he learned not to be scared of anything. He said what happened next made him never want to go in the swamp hunting again.

Making his way through the brush he said he began hearing something walking through the woods toward him. He stopped to listen for it and said it sounded like a large black bear so he got his gun ready just in case. When he stopped it stopped, when he walked it walked. He said it made him nervous because whatever it was knew he was there and won't running off. He said he started making noise and even shot his shot gun in the air. It didn't leave. Instead it let out a growl he said you could feel as much as hear. All the way through the woods it stayed just behind him out of sight.

When he came out of the woods on to the dirt road he said his truck was about 50 yards down from him. He decided it was a pretty good chance that whatever it was following him was gonna keep following or make a move on him there so he took off running, It took off running too. He said it sounded like a bulldozer was crashing through the woods and when it broke from the woods it sounded like a horse running through lose dirt, He could hear the stomps of it's feet and the growling in it's breath. He didn't have to look back to know it was coming and catching up to him. He shot behind him hoping it would scare it enough to stop for a moment and give him a chance to make it to the truck. When he did he said he must have hit it because it screamed and for a moment he thought it was a person. That's when he finally turned around.

He said it was jet black, as big as a 600 pound black bear, a tail as long as it's body and eyes that was glowing red. He hit it and it was just standing there looking at him as if to say now you've done it. He bolted to the truck and jumped in. Just as he shut the door he looked and it was right there. He said it was so close it's breath was fogging the window.

By now he said he was shaking bad and it was everything he could do to get the key in the ignition and start the motor. He drives a Ford F350 4 wheel drive that was raised up so that there's a good 2 feet of clearance under the truck. He said this thing was on all 4 feet and looking eye to eye with him in his truck. The engine started and he took off like a bat out of hell. He said it chased him as hard as it could until he picked up speed and stopped and watched him drive off.

The next day he and his dad went back with guns and looked around for tracks, blood, or even a dead body. He said there was no blood even though he knows it was shot, and there was paw prints as big as his hands on the ground everywhere. Then they found a tree that 9 feet up had claw marks 1 inch deep in the wood spaced 4 inches apart from each other. They didn't venture into the woods, nor did they go too far from the truck. Both of them said they felt as though they were being watched and didn't want to stick around to find out what it was. They got back in the truck and that's when they heard it. A scream from the woods off in the distance. He said it was like a woman screaming bloody murder. It let him know it was there waiting.

Yep, there's a many dark secrets in them woods. Charlie Daniels even wrote about these woods in one of his songs. If you ever get adventurous and want to try your luck come on down to Green's swamp. And when the sun goes down get real quiet. You might hear that scream. I hope when you do it's off in the distance and not close by. Cause if it is, well, it might just be the last sound you hear.

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