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Let us all be grateful to the tech companies that when your Bluetooth earbuds die, the music pauses instead of blaring out of the speaker.

On a similar note...

Feel free to keep reading if you're looking for some next-level creepy music stories to have stuck in your mind forever...

Graveyard Baby. (Zak Bagans Love Story.) JustWriteIt Horror

Taylor has a pretty messed up world.

One, she's a witch.

Two, her best friend is a fallen angel who always has demons following her.

When Zak Bagans see's them at the mall together, he instantly senses what they are, resulting in him asking them to join him on his paranormal investigations.

Taylor has always been so worried about her friend, Desi's, secret that she's a fallen, that Taylor never really got interested in her own life, including love life.

But will Zak change that due to the fact that he falls for Taylor?

Graveyard Baby. (Zak Bagans Love Story.) JustWriteIt Horror on Wattpad

My mom came into the room to tell me to turn down the music, as it was making the house shake.

When we looked out the window, we realized that it wasnt the music that was shaking the house.

Posted on Reddit by MutePilot109.

Hearing stuff from upstairs vents (human voice, instrumental music)

Hi, so I moved in 2019 which was a while ago and have never complained of anything unusual except this one particular incident I remember one morning around 6am where I woke up to the sickening smell of rotten flesh. Like Ive never experienced this sort of smell before - very sweet and pungent odour. Assuming that it must be some sort of dead animal, I went back to sleep but couldnt as the smell worsened which made me sick to my stomach. Now, I admit I sleep on the floor since I suffer postural issues which makes me closer to the 2 vents in my room.

Recently, my schedule got mixed and Ive been waking early to catch up with homework between 2-5 in the morning. And Im not the type to hallucinate about anything since I dont have any medical history or records telling me otherwise. As for my bedding it is where it used to be, right next to the vent since it makes me warm especially on cold occasions.

But as Im alert during the early morning hours, I find out that Im not the only one awake. I literally hear to what sounds like a guy talking to himself by saying a couple random things from somewhere downstairs. My family is also asleep at this time and I only live with 3 ppl so theres no reason to hear a human voice from downstairs. Other days, if I dont hear the guy, I hear music to what it reminds me as a ringtone in the form of instrumental music. Rattling sounds also occur but theyre quite normal as the air in my vent is quite active. But once the air stops, I hear either the voice or the music once after every 23 hours.

Any valid explanation for this occurrence???

Posted on Reddit by FancyNancy105.

Der Erlkönig

.quo. Der Erlkönig on Wattpad | https://www.wattpad.com/story/166048114 | An abandoned mansion.

A musician's disappearance.

Ghostly music playing where it shouldn't be.

Totally not suspicious, right?

Dared by his friends to enter and stay 12 hours in the ancient property of a long-dead performer, Jaidyn sets off to explore and investigate the estate, only to find out nothing was exactly as it seems... >>especially when evidence of paranormal activity shakes up his firm belief that the supernatural




Or does it?

Written for Contest 19- A Daring Halloween- at the Wattpad MysteryThriller HQ. .te.

My consciousness split

I'm a gamer, have always been, will always be. This is by far the weirdest damn thing i've ever had happen to me in my life and i'm going on 47 years old. Ive deliberated posting this for about 4 years now but I think its time while i'm still here and alive to do this.

It was the night (or early morning) of April 2, 2018. I was playing a game called Guildwars2. They had an event going on where if you grinded this special event board enough you could eventually buy this cool little cloud mount that has a rainbow trail and does this cute game music while you're flying around, and I had to have it.

I was grinding and grinding (playing this area repeatedly) for a long time, maybe 6 hours or 8, i cant remember. But all of a sudden I noticed the "staging area" which was like a public lobby that you go into with other players running around with quest mobs was totally different. Like I had been in this lobby area like 25 or 30 times this "session" maybe more because I kept playing the same challenge over and over again for hours. But this time, THIS TIME, it was completely different! The layout, where the quest mobs were, everything was totally different!!! I just chalked it up to maybe the devs doing a live update while I was playing, but it felt.. "weird", its extremely hard to explain.

I said to hell with it and jumped back into the board i've been playing all night up to this point and the stage I jumped into was totally different also. It was way bigger and had more challenges in it, and the layout (but block and asset colors all the same) was different. At this point i'm kinda of freaking out, and my wife who had to go use the bathroom wasn't sitting next to me at this point so I just kind of looked around and shrugged and very warily kept playing.

It was at this point that my head felt really funny, almost foggy as it were. I started having an extreme difficulty concentrating. What happened next is very difficult to explain, but I will try my damndest. So i started "seeing" a different game screen than the one I was physically looking at. So basically in my minds eye, I was playing the same game, but taking different actions, was seeing different "results" from those actions. Also I could physically see the screen in front of me but I was also taking different actions in THIS reality.

I started freaking out at this, almost wigging out as if i was on some kind of bad acid trip or something but I kept calm because I know getting upset would not help, so what I did was kept playing and just "observing" this phenomena. This went on for a while and then I noticed my wife was sitting back next to me at the table where we play games at and I just stopped abruptly playing, logged off, and went and sat on the sofa and said to her "we need to talk". Shes freaking out at this point because we've been together going on 8 years and I NEVER say that, so she thought something was wrong with "us", and I said no babe, I think somethings wrong with me. I think i'm going crazyinsanelosing my grip on reality.

So I tell her "while you were in the bathroom for a really really long time, I had this "experience" just happen to me and im freaking out and don't know what to do". She says "I wasn't in the bathroom though, ive been sitting next to you this entire time! Ok at this point i'm really #$@$ing freaking out because I #$@$ING SWEAR TO ALL THAT IS HOLY that I turned around and saw her in the bathroom with the door closed and the light at the bottom of the door and her empty #$@$ing chair right next to me!!! I explain to her whats been happening and my mind still feels fuzzy, it still feels like 'im thinking and seeing two different things at once. I told her I was scared and not sure if it was me having a psychotic break or something was trying to possess me or maybe i'm having a stroke or a mini stroke, but i'm scared at this point.

She asks me if I want to go to the hospital and I tell her no, and its probably not a good idea that I drive in this state because I don't know whats happening to me or if ill black out behind the wheel or what (she doesn't have her license). After talking about this for what seems an hour or two, im mentally drained and tired and figure best thing to do is go to bed and "get unconscious" so i can see how I feel tomorrow. So we do that. While we are lying in bed, I ask her "maybe you should go get all the kitchen knives and hide them?", we sort of laugh it off and go to sleep. Next morning I wake up and head still feels a little foggy but i can concentrate a lot better and not feeling like my consciousness is being yanked in two directions at once.

Now, since ive laid all that on you guys, i want to talk about a few things. First of all, we are living in a simulation. Elon Musk was right, as much as I hate the guy - but even jerks (very wealthy ones at that) can be right about things. Im not going to prove this to you, im not Morpheus here to liberate you like Neo or something, but this is my truth. My truth says we are in a Matrix type simulation and that Elon Musk is right. That's all I know. Ive proven this to myself time and time again and I cant fault my own proof, and i've tried, trust me. This is something I want to be wrong about, but unfortunately I am not.

Now onto the "experience" I had. I know the super-logic people will come in here and try to "explain away" my experience, saying it was me just playing for too long, etc etc etc blah blah blah the same way flat earthers and round earthers try to argue their points but I will tell you, YOU ARE WRONG. The reason you are wrong is because I am going on 47 years old. Ive been playing video games for 37 years. That's more time than most of you who will respond have been on this planet and existed. I have played games for DAYS, LITERALLY DAYS and never had this happen. This happened after about a 6 hour stretch. And this is with me periodically getting up to stretch or pee or get something to eat or talk to my wife. I didn't literally sit there for 6 hours straight and never move so I know for a fact 100 it wasn't because I was playing for too long.

I asked my wife what i was doing the entire time while she was sitting next to me when I thought she was in the bathroom and she said I was just sitting there quietly focused on the game and she didn't want to bother me. This is really weird because we almost always talk to each other. I am the exact opposite of someone with ADD, (im super concentrated! lol) but I still talk to my wife while we are sitting next to each other. But this time she said I never uttered a word for like an hour or more. This isn't me normally so I have no explanations here.

As far as "what happened", I have a few theories but here is what I think happened or was most-likely. I think another version of me in a parallel universe "swapped" placed with "me" or something happened, an anomaly if you will where the other me and my consciousness "bridged". And if that's the case the other me probably got freaked out as well. Ever since then and actually even before then ive always felt like something was wrong with the world. Just like Morpheus says "like a splinter in my mind, slowly driving me mad".

Maybe the splinter finally won?

Posted on Reddit by This_my_angry_face.

At long last, the old Majestic theater filled with sound and music after decades of neglect

Unfortunately, both the poor transient girl's screams and the multiple phones playing metal to cover them went unheard outside.

Posted on Reddit by Galladorn.

The Haunted Piano

.quo. The Haunted Piano on Wattpad | https://www.wattpad.com/story/85939996 | 1 on 512017

Haunted piano? What is it? How did the piano turn into a ghost? Who was the one who played the piano before and what's the story behind it? Will Alan and his girlfriend be able to solve the mystery?

"What happens when the music you hear is haunted,

The music in your ears, won't it kill your soul" .te.

Intruducing Aliens to human based music. First contact

Sometimes I'm really excited the way we evolved in culture and especially when it comes to music.

In our world, music is a universal language and we can understand the vibe, even tho we do understand a word.

I was thinking about to introduce them to some really good metal and how they would react to it.

There are rhythms, guitar riffs, bass and ofc the vocals. It's not really about the lyrics, more about the energy. Is it universal?

Maybe they don't like the frequencies, maybe it will enable a frenzy mode or they just don't have a feeling for rhythm.

Theatrical music is also a very interesting way of introducing them to our culture.

There's risk, but i would total show them some well aged songs, even tho, they include screaming and growling. It's a primal instinct and it might be dangerous.

Have you ever had thoughts on how you would use your first contact?

Posted on Reddit by nedizzle83.

Read Love Lick Twist and "Be Loved" next.


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