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So, you're ready to read some weird alexa stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

I sighed with relief, sinking down into the warm bubbles after what had easily been the hardest week of my life.

After all of the other injuries my captors had inflicted on me, being dissolved alive in acid was welcomed.

Posted on Reddit by xylophonesRus.

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My house was a barhangout for veterans of foreign wars.

First time posting here. I had an event transpire last night that is a small paragraph in the story of my haunted house. To understand the story, it helps to understand the history of the property.

Before my house was a house, it was a VFW club. To those that are unaware, it was a barclubhouse for Veterans of Foreign Wars. The house is over 120 years old, and many people have passed through the doors over the decades. It seems likely that many tortured souls spent time there. There were probably soldiers-- people that have done horrible things while fighting in our wars ( I live in the USA by the way.) Some of my elderly neighbors talk to me about my house and its history when I'm out walking my dog. Some of them have even drank there (the real old neighbors).

Paranormal experiences are a pretty common thing in this place, but this one is the most recent, and happened last night at around 11 30. I was laying in bed with my two cats. They were sleeping together at the end of the bed and I was watching a movie on my tablet. The lights were on, so darkness did not obscure my vision. Here is where things get interesting.

In a split second, both cats jolted themselves awake and began to fix their eyes on the doorway to the bathroom. I stop my movie and try to listen and observe. Keep in mind both cats eyes are perfectly fixed on the doorway, with gaze fixed on a central point in the middleupper height of the doorway. I found this strange, as there wasnt a sound to be heard. My first thought is they were tracking a fly or a bug. It is winter and cold right now, and I don't think I have seen a bug in months. That is because no bug was there. My vision is unusually good and the lights were on. Nothing was there. At least, nothing I could see. At this point, Im really trying to figure out what the #$@$ these two cats are looking at. They began to turn their heads horizontally, as if someone was walking out of the bathroom the towards the foot of my bed. While this was happening, their heads and eyes moved in sync with each other, as if the two cats bodies were attached by gears.

I knew it wasnt a fly at this point for certain. Anyone with a cat knows how a cat will move when trying to hunt a fly. They will look up, down, and in circles as a fly buzzes across the room. With their vision at the foot of the bed, they started to look up to me, as if someone was walking up towards me. My hair begins to raise on the back of my neck. The pins and needles radiate down my spine and to my arms. All of my senses began to hyper focus. Yup, no bug, no buzzing sound, but somethings clearly there. I can sense a presence of someone there, breathing. The air is cold and feels heavy. At or around this time, I realize Im having a visit from one of the houses many ghosts. I used to be much more scared of these kinds of occurrences, but now I just kind of accept it. If i get around to it, i will post more stories. Anyway...

Wide eyed, the cats are staring at something right next to me. In perfect synchronization, their eyes slowly moved up, staring directly over my chest where I was laying. I can sense someone standing over me, looking down on me. This freaked me out. Loudly, and out of reflex, I yell What the #$@$!

For no reason, and without any input, the Alexa on my tablet said DO WANT TO SEE SOMETHING PARANORMAL? Please remember this is still real life. There is no embellishment. There was no reason for my tablet to do this. It was also loud as #$@$.

Now Im very spooked. However, now i realize this thingspiritwhatever is trying to communicate with me! I did not ask for Alexa, nor did I mention any keywords like ghost, haunted, etc Out loud, I reply no thanks.

The air in the room lifted. The cats settled back down. I tried to sleep. I got little.

In summary, two cats saw something I could not. Whatever it was walked out of the bathroom, past the foot of my bed, made a 90 degree turn (like a person walking), and stood over me. Then, it tried to talk to me through my tablet.

EDIT. I am of sound mental health, by today's standards anyway... I'm not even religious. I don't screw around with Ouija boards and light candles. The act of writing this post helped me mentally process what happened, but this is probably something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Edit Edit: someone asked me to check my Alexa settings to see what the tablet responded to. I couldnt find that info because ALEXA WAS OFF. I always shut off Alexa because shes annoying. Also, I always kill the app in Settings to increase battery life and increase tablet speed. So yes, she wasnt even turned on at the time of this story.

Triple Edit: Wow, I didn't expect this post to really amount to much. Thank you to all who sent me DMs to broadcast the story for your YouTube channels and pod casts. It makes me happy that people are this interested!

Posted on Reddit by GENERAT10N_D00M.

I was suddenly awakened by my Alexa going off

All I heard was OK your security alarms have been disabled. A chill went down my spine.

Posted on Reddit by Lco145.

I asked my Amazon Alexa device how to deal with losing a loved one.

Alexa answered my question with no problem, but I ran out of the house when the voice of my dead wife came out of Alexa.

Posted on Reddit by SkyBruceLee23.

haywire technology

Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the appropriate sub. For context, I am in my early twenties and have had odd, paranormal experiences happening for quite a few years now. I have many dream premonitions on a monthly basis, I travel far in my sleep, I have seen orbs a number of times, etc. etc, I dont quite understand it all but it happens.

I have grown up using technology. Ive never really had any issues with technology in this way prior to 2 weeks ago, these issues happened all at once.

Around 2 weeks ago I left to dog and house sit for the parents of my best friend. They live about an hour out, and just finished building their new house a little less than 2 years ago, so it was my first time seeing it and staying there. They live out in the country in an area I had never been before, and the drive out to their place made me feel like I entered a different dimension in an inexplicable way. It wasnt a bad feeling, I just chalked it up to it being way out in the country and my feeling more in tune with nature and whatnot, but it was really bizarre and indescribable. I passed through ghost towns and could feel a lot of heaviness, for anyone familiar I was driving through the Irish Hills area of Michigan headed west.

Once I got to their house, I noticed my iPhone wasnt working very well at all. Majority of my texts werent going through, when I tried making calls they would only go trough like 20 of the time, I couldnt view or even delete or take any photos, It was saying my storage was full even though its a newer phone and I had recently paid for ample amounts of cloud storage, apps would keep crashing over and over, etc. It was concerning to me just because Im out at this house all by myself, the least I could have is a working phone. However, I chalked this up to being out in a new area andor my phone just wasnt connecting well to their wifi. I was able to text the homeowners about it and they sounded confused because their iPhones had never given them any issues, they could not help me. My phone went on like this for two days before I was able to call Apple, they couldnt resolve my issue just from speaking on the phone, they just suggested i reset it and make storage space. But about a half hour after hanging up with Apple, my phone started working normally again. It was weird, I felt like I was being taunted, but I was just glad my phone was working again.

On the first night at their house, I was trying to use their television. I really wanted to watch the Pistons game that was on, so I turned on their ESPN streaming service. It would not let me click or load the Pistons game, but it was letting me click on and watch literally every single other live NBA game that was also streaming. When I had texted the homeowners about my phone not working well, I also mentioned how their tv wasnt letting me watch this specific game and they were again confused, as their tv had never given them any issues. This same night I began hearing loud bangs like someone dropped a bowling bowl from upstairs, weird tapping noises, and even low mumbles, and somehow got myself to believing that these were all normal new house sounds, just for the sake of my sanity while I was staying there alone for 4 nights.

The weird noises continued throughout my time there. My friend (her parents own the home) came and visited me a few days in, just to hang out. While she was here, we both heard the same exact loud noise that sounded like someone dropped something heavy from upstairs. We have had weird paranormal things happen while we are together, so we just laughed it off. Thats when she told me that a few weeks ago she was making dinner there alone and heard low mumbling sounds that she couldnt quite make out. It freaked her out but she was able to ignore it, and I was like lol same. I asked her if she has ever had any issues with her phone, laptop, the televisions, the wifi, etc. while she has been out here, and she said no.

One thing that really creeped me out was the fact that these homeowners have a bunch of these Amazon Alexa echo dot things around their house. The house would be dead silent, and the Alexa would say I'm sorry, could you repeat that? lol this happened at least 7 or 8 times in 5 days. I am not familiar with these types of devices though, so maybe this is normal?

On the last night that I was staying there, I was getting ready for bed and I just had this really gross feeling. I was uncomfortable the whole time feeling like I was being watched while I was in the house, but the last night was even more intense. At the same time, I was glad it was the last night and that I was leaving the next day. I was about to fall asleep when I heard their home security system alarming. I went down to see why, and it detected water in the basement. I went down and checked, no water, so I disamed the system. About 20 minutes later the alarm went off again, as I was about to fall asleep again. It said the same thing, so I checked the basement again, no water, I disarmed the alarm. At this point I am on edge because I dont know how to explain, but I felt like I was being taunted once again. The alarm kept going off once every 20 to 45 minutes and would not stop. The homeowners called me at like 1:30 am and told me they contacted ADT (the security company) and had them temporarily disarm the whole system for 48 hours, and I was like awesome finally I can get some sleep. About a half hour later, the alarm went off Again, only this time it was saying it detected water, heat, and smoke in the basement. I once again went down to check and everything was normal. No matter what I did, the alarm system kept ringing every few minutes throughout the entire night, I got zero sleep. I was so happy to leave.

When I got back home in the evening, me and my boyfriend stepped out to go get groceries. When we got in the car, his car stereo completely shut off and stopped working. He was confused because he had been using it earlier that same evening with no problem. It took him about a day to figure it out and reset it.

Last week was my birthday so I had to renew my tabs car registration. Kroger has secretary of state kiosks you can use pretty quickly to renew your registration and whatnot. When it was processing my information, the kiosk glitched and completely shut down, I was stuck there for 45 minutes trying to get it to work again. None of the Kroger workers could help me or do anything. After this I knew that these couldnt all be coincidences, and I texted my friend (same friend whose parents owned the house) about it because I knew she would really get a kick. Thats when she told me that her parents had to completely replace the wifi routers in their house the week they came back after I had house sat, and that it was weird because their router had given them zero issues before.

Theres other weird things and smaller details of what has happened in the last two weeks, but this post is already way long enough. My hands have really hurt and have carried a lot of tension (they have never hurt before) and I saw a weird mist in their home while me and my friend were speaking about not questioning God when weird or bad things happen. Maybe these are all coincidences, but if so they are really weird and unusual. Sorry about the length, I just feel like the context matters to me. Thanks a ton for reading, please feel free to message me. Id love to connect with others who could give me any insight at all. Much love.

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