Carried Away by Common Jack's "Restless"


A memory in motion, Common Jack's new track, "Restless," hits hard.

Inching up to a precipitous cliff-dive of emotion, this song probes at problems and worries enthusiastically.

At its start, this song is the sound of being lost in thought.

Reverb-doused guitar strings greet us head-on, joined by a 4-on-the-floor bass beat.

At a dancing pace, the singer's introspective intrusions lance our eardrums - coaxing us to contemplation.

You can feel the song shifting; changing direction early on.

Where to, Jack?


Onward and upward, it seems.

We're building on folk vibes - evoking Mumford and channeling the Turtles.

I'm reminded of Derek Trucks Band's "Down in the Flood" a bit, but the flood hasn't quite come yet.

Gentle acoustic plucking builds energetically - preceding a drop.

Into a rhythmic rivine we're dumped and this tentative track turns lively.

Part postlude, part parade, the song's end is every bit as climactic as a fireworks display.

Off into the sunset we march. Gone are our problems. Gone are our worries and gone are we as well.

Enjoy Common Jack's jumpy new track!

Common Jack ยท Restless

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