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Even at the most microscopic level, when you throw a rock in a lake, you have raised it's water level..


You can press on to the eerie lake stories below if you think you can handle them...


A short story about a boy's life-changing experience with New York's Lake Champlain monster, Champy.

Champy on Wattpad

Death and Misery in Salt Lake City

Two years ago I was sent to Utah to help build a large warehouse in Jordan, which is once of the many smaller cities surrounding Salt Lake City. I was happy to get out of my home state Arizona and get into the lovely fall weather and mountain cool air that SLC is known for; as well as getting all the incentives the company was offering for out of state work.

My crew had about 4 days off the entire month of October, so we took every opportunity to explore the city and experience nature. I looked into all the local hiking trails and was able to find Doughnut Falls on a hiking list. The falls looked impressive in the photos online, it ran through a cave and fell into a creek that went down the mountain. Just the type of scenic nature I miss out on in Phoenix.

That Saturday we were working another long shift. It was a beautiful cloudy day with fluffy, humid snow showers. We got out just after noon and I invited my two co-worker buddies to come along. I returned to my hotel, did a quick change into casual winter wear (canvas shoes, jeans, sweater, with layers) and met my co-workers downstairs where we all piled into my car. My heater had just gone out that week, but I wasn't concerned about it as the fan still worked and we were dressed plenty warm for the mild evening chill. The snow was still quite light so we hadn't planned for any intense weather on the trip, plus working in -0F weather over nights had accumulated us to the cold conditions.

We drove the short distance from South Jordan to Big Cottonwood Canyon and made our way up the winding road, taking in all the woodland ambience that surrounded us. The road eventually passed a small parking area that opened up to the Doughnut Falls trail head. We parked and prepared for our trek up the trail. The snow had started to pick up and was now making larger flakes, but we brushed it off because a little inclement weather wasn't about to stop our once in a lifetime opportunity to see some amazing wilderness.

The hike was pleasant. We had a snowball fight, shared a flask and told stories about skin walkers and our cultural folklore. The trail was mildly challenging. It followed a creek up the canyon crossed it several times, and even wove through trees and light brush. We passed what I believe was a small ranger cabin about halfway up the trail, and the forest began to become more dense around us as we progressed.

Just before dusk we reached the falls, where we had to maneuver over the creek and around a little pond that formed in the valley between boulders below the falls. Everything was covered in snow and water, which rewarded each of us with wet shoes and photos of the scenery.

While I was balancing on a boulder trying not to slip into freezing water for a photo, two distinct figures poked up across the pondcreek that we had to shimmy our way around to reach the falls. They were quite a distance away from us, about 100 feet, so I wasn't able to take in all the intricate details of their facial features, but I was able to discern a middle aged man and woman. She held onto the man's arm, while his other arm extended above and held a black umbrella over them both. What made them notable was the fact that they were wearing completely black outfits: black trench coats, black pants, black boots, black gloves, and black hats. This was out of the ordinary from all the hikers we passed on the way up, all whom wore standard hiking attire (windbreakers, snow jackets, hiking boots, etc.). I pointed them out to my co-workers, and we continued to take photos for each other while the snow continued to weigh heavier and the clouds quickly began to lose their lumincense.

The couple stood atop the trail at the beginning of the pond, took in the view for a few minutes, then turned and disappeared down the trail faster than they had appeared. Seeing that the couple didn't even take the time to get close to the falls, we realized that we had to head back down the trail if we wanted to make it back before we got snowed in or it became completely dark. We quickly made our way around the pond and creek back to where the couple was, trying to see if we could catch up closer to them so our groups would be a little closer (I assumed they were locals and knew the trail better). We caught up to where they were standing, but to our surprise there was no sign of anyone being in the area. Not a single print. A playful panic began to rise as we started to jog back down the creek, looking for signs of the couple or the trail. While we rushed down we came into a fork in the creek. We weren't sure which way led back to the trail head but I was able to convince my co-workers to trust my intuition and take the left fork despite their desire to take the other fork. We continued along the creek and found the ranger cabin, which indicated to us that we were in the clear. Soon enough we had reached my car, then after clearing the 2 inches of snow that had accumulated and some fancy ice driving in the dark we were back in SLC.

The image of that mysterious couple we encountered that year stuck with me. I have no idea who they were, what they were doing up there, where they came from, or where they went. We found no signs of anybody being on the trail on our way down. I looked at the trail on satellite images and found no alternative locationstrails they could have went to. In hindsight it was foolish to be on the trail that late in such conditions. I briefly looked into local legends but never found anything similar to the couple we saw. Utah has an interesting history with religion and colonization; it's Ted Bundy country after all. I have no doubt that SLC attracts dark paranormal entities, but since I have not found any resemblance in local legends I simply identify them as Death and his companion, Misery.

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The fireflies were thick over the lake while I steered the motorboat and she fiddled with a flashlight she'd found.

"You can click out that SOS all you want," I told her, "because from the shore you're just another firefly now."

Posted on Reddit by DHF_Dissociations.

Raven's Heir ONC 2021 honourable mention

Sandrine is reluctant to take the job as a ghost hunter, despite her ancestral gift.

And when she meets her boss and future partners, every fibre of her being tells her to quit-but she needs the money.

How hard can it be to dispel the ghost of a bird? Soon, she finds herself fighting the advances of a medieval playboy, targeted by a flock of ectoplasmic ravens, and trying to solve the puzzle of the cottage in the lake.

With disaster waiting around the corner, she truly has no time for a budding romance, right? My entry for the open novella contest 2021.

Prompts: No 5: There is a terrible drought ravaging the land, but when the waters recede from the local lakereservoir, they reveal something no one expected to find.

No 64.

What should have been a simple task for a trio of ghost hunters quickly becomes something for which the term 'Worst Case Scenario' is the mother of all understatement.

No 61.

I would've lived longer if it weren't for Lorraine.

There's only one issue...

who's Lorraine? Words according to Wattpad: Chapter 1 - 1495 Chapter 2 - 1455 - milestone 1 reached Chapter 3 - 1469 Chapter 4 - 1552 Chapter 5 - 1563 Chapter 6 - 1620 - milestone 2 reached Chapter 7 - 1564 Chapter 8 - 1700 Chapter 9 - 1637 Chapter 10 - 1797 Chapter 11 - 1605 Chapter 12 - 1561 Chapter 13 - 1690 - milestone 3 reached Chapter 14 - 1842 Chapter 15 - 1762 Epilogue - 233 Total words published: 24545

Raven's Heir ONC 2021 honourable mention on Wattpad

As the sun blazed down I felt the cool refreshment of crisp lake water as I dived in headfirst.

Moments later my joy turned to panic as I realised that for some reason the water was much more viscous on the way up than it had been on the way down.

Posted on Reddit by EarthMarsUranus.

God threw a handful of stones into a lake.

When the little splashes and ripples had decayed, and all the stones were sunken under a still and murky darkness, he turned to the angels beside him and said, "Let this represent the course of human civilisation."

Posted on Reddit by JohnPaulEdwards.

The Lake

He found solace in the water.

The smooth surface reminded him of her smile, her contoured hand in his, her breath on his chest.

However tonight, the lake held more than just memories.

The Lake on Wattpad

The bodies in the lake

So this is a story that happened in my hometown, in the 1980s.

There was a police offiser, let's call him John. John was the police of this town.

It was midsummer, and there was very little to do at the moment. One day, one of the local reindeer herders came to his office. He said that he saw a boat flip on a lake, and he saw 2 persons on the boat that fell over, and they were not able to reach the shore. The weather was windy, so the vaves were quite big, and he himself didn't have a boat to try and rescue them.

So John decided he was going to atleats retrieve the bodies. He asked one of the local herders if they had a boat in the neighboring lakes that he could borrow. There was 1 person that had a boat, so the police borrowed it.

So a couple of days later, John went up to the tundra. This lake was at the border between the tundra and the forest. He got the boat, and arrived at the lake. He had a scuba set that he had brought with him. He rowed right above the spot the people had fallen over.

He put on his scuba gear, and dove down. The water was a bit murky, but you could still see quite well. He managed to locate the bodies. It was a 40 year old man, and his 11 year old son. He swam closer and closer, and decided he is going to lift the body on the boat.

Just as he was about to grab the child, he saw something at the side of him. The fathers arm was almost reaching for him. He dodged the arm, and took the child. He swam with the body to the boat, and put it on the boat. He didn't think much about it, maybe it was just the water that moved the arm.

He dove down again to retrieve the father. Just as he was about to grab the body, the arm rose again. The arm tries to grab John, but he manages to dodge it. Now he is getting a bit nervous, what happens if the arms grabs him. He tries again, and sure enough, the arm is moving towards him. He freaks out, and swims a bit further.

He must get the body, as he has promised to retrieve them. He decides to take a oar, and try to flip the body. He swims to the boat, and get's a oar. He swims back down, and manages to flip it. He swims with the oar to the boat, and dives down again.

Just as John is about to grab the mans leg, the body quickly turns around and tries to grab him. He dodges again, and is freaking out. He then decides to get his lasso, to try and pull the body up to the boat. He swims back up, and takes the lasso down. He quickly puts the lasso around the leg. Just as he get's it on, the arm is reaching for John. He swims back to the boat, and starts to pull the body up.

After a bit of struggling, he manages to get the fathers body on the boat. He covers them in a tarpaulin, and goes back to land. Then out of nowhere, a storm appears. It starts to hail, and a giant downpour of rain. The weather in these parts can be unpredictable.

He has no choice than to crawl under the tarpaulin, and stay there until the storm goes away. He sits there for hours, with the bodies. A couple of times, he could have sworn he saw the fathers body move a little bit. The night goes by slowly, and in the morning, the weather starts to clear.

He then hears a sound of a ATV. It's one of the herders. John crawls out to greet the man. The man decides to help him lift the body on John's ATV.

John drives back to town, and the bodies are buried at the cemetary. John decided to never take those kinds of missions again

Posted on Reddit by Danasara33.

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