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Bookshelves are graveyards for trees..

I digress...

People from all over have loads of eldritch graveyard stories like the ones below. It's all too easy to read them all...


Escaping is sometimes the only way.

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After my fifth visit to the graveyard this week, I received a handwritten note from a florist which read, Remember your dead.

"You're," I mumbled with a sigh.

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911, what is your emergency, I said calmly as I settled in for my graveyard shift alone.

The heavy breathing on the other end didnt unnerve me as much as hearing my own voice in the background, or the encroaching footsteps

Posted on Reddit by Tart-Pomgranate5743.

Come Play With Me

A hitchhiker has a story to tell.

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Graveyard Shift in a Funeral Home Pt.2

I posted a couple of weeks ago about some spooky stuff that had been happening at my job. I thought I would update yall on a couple more things that have happened since then

1. I am still hearing footsteps, but literally the most annoying thing happened the other day. I went to the restroom while I was alone one night and I left a stack of paperwork on top of the washer and put the laundry detergent on top so they wouldnt fly off of the washer since the AC was blowing nice. I get out of the bathroom and all of the paperwork is all over the floor.

2. So I used to ghost hunt and I have an EMF detector, so I brought it up to work and my coworker and I walked through a found a couple of spots where the detector hopped up to max levels. We did have electricity powered off (except for the cooler) and it was still spiking, especially in our prep room and on top of a couple of occupied caskets.

3. Perhaps the spookiest thing thats happened so far, during the little EMF session we did, we had our phone recording on voice memos because if Zak Bagans has taught us anything, its if youre trying to talk to ghosts, you record audio because sometimes you dont hear things going on. Anyways, my coworker is asking questions and once we were done, we sat down in the office to review the recordings and I swear on the graves of all of my family, a voice popped up at the beginning of one session that said its still my time. I played the audio for my coworker and he freaked because the voice was deep and monotone. I am a female and my coworkers voice is a lot higher pitched than that voice in the recording. I played it for another coworker and she flipped out.

I so wish I could share the audio with you all, but considering the delicacy of my job as far as privacy goes, I unfortunately cannot. Maybe some day, but not while I am employed here anyways.

Posted on Reddit by TurtelyAwkward.

I took that creature in the graveyard by surprise, and put it down with only a single kick.

Unfortunately, despite being warned beforehand, Abdul kicked it again, and we fled as it got back up and attacked.

Posted on Reddit by ProphetofTables.

Alone Grave

Eric walks alone through a forest wondering the entire time if he really is alone.

The hissing will make him question everything.

Alone Grave on Wattpad

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