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Most of the ghosts people encounter these days seem to be the sort that stuck around from bygone eras, looking for something fun to do.

Why else would they wander around your house at night bumping into things and running off when the lights come on?

Only time will tell what we decide to do once we're all ghosts. We could certainly step up our haunting techniques a bit and type creepy messages on people's phones or something.

Phone's still exist in the future, right?

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You Can See Them Too? (Paranorman Fanfiction)

Isabelle lives a life how you and I live, except for one small detail, she can see and talk to dead spirits.

When she moves to Blithe Hollow with her adoptive parents and biological brother she meets another boy who can see them as well.

But things are about to get a little...Paranormal. Enjoy 😊

You Can See Them Too? (Paranorman Fanfiction) on Wattpad

Rescued cat may have come with a ghost companion

First post here, and I'm posting this here because I do not know where else it should go.

Background information: I rescued a black cat (Maine coon/Bombay mix) about 2 years ago. I named him Gomez, after Gomez Addams, of course, because he's super affectionate and very needy (as he was abused prior to me adopting him). Recently, he has been acting a bit odd. More than usual, I should say. Prior to this experience, he has occasionally seemed like he was chasing/playing with something else but, obviously, I saw nothing. He is a cat though, so they do weird things like having the zoomies at random times. But, I have also occasionally felt a cat rubbing against my leg, and when I look down, Gomez is nowhere in sight, but I had not thought much of it due to mental health issues along with psychiatric medications. Moving forward, all these experiences seem to lead to another possible option, Gomez came with a paranormal buddy.

So, a few nights ago around 5-6am, Gomez kept desperately trying to wake me up and would not leave me alone. I thought nothing of it as he occasionally does this if he does not sleep well and requires extra cuddles at night. Then he finally left me alone after like 30-45 minutes, so whatever, no big deal, went back to sleep. His food dispensed from his little robot feeder and he jumped down to eat. Not too long after, I felt paws crawl on my hip and lie down, this is where he normally sleeps, so, again, no big deal. WELL, I then heard Gomez crunching on his food so I got confused and slightly woke up. I swear I saw another cat lying on me. It looked white with spots so, definitely not Gomez. Then Gomez jumped up, the weight lifted off my hip, and then he lied down on me.

So, long story short, I'm not sure if I was hallucinating (night terrors, sleep paralysis, and Bipolar, ftw), still dreaming while half awake, or I have a ghost cat in my house. Gomez has been running around a lot more than normal and staring off in my room, occasionally seemingly like he is following something with his gaze.

With all of that being said, if I adopted Gomez and he came with a little ghost companion, I got two cats for the price of one, and only one eats and requires vet insurance, so I'm going to mark it as a win 🤘🖤

Update: Spooky ghost cat's name is now Jinx since the gender is unknown and also, two things said at the same time, and I got two cats for one 🤷‍♀️

Posted on Reddit by CareRepresentative49.

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