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There are people in the world who live in forests like they are living in 3000BCE and do not know how technologically advanced the outside world is..

But, wait...

These exceptionally strange forest stories and books could be a bit more than you bargained for. Read on, brave visitor, for more...

Beastly Little Boy

An unruly ten year old boy, consumed by grief after the death of his father two years ago, has gradually turned into a bear.

His mother has him captured and sent deep into the forest after she realizes that she cannot properly care for him.

Now left to fend for himself, Bernard must adapt to life in the wilderness while struggling to preserve what's left of his humanity.

Cover by soundthealarm

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An encounter with something in the forest of California.

This happened many years ago, but due to a recent injury to my eye I decided to lurk around here while I can't do much else.

To preface, I don't believe in the paranormal, but to me it's really fun to think about. And this experience I had definitely has the paranormal vibes some stories do. So I decided to post it here.

I was in highschool in Northern California and my closest friend was having a family reunion that I was invited to. Around 9PM the last family had arrived. And for some reason they didn't have their daughter with them (I literally don't know why they left her) so they asked us to get her.

Now, Tisyan just got his first car. And when you finally have that freedom, anything is a good excuse for a road trip. And they live 2.5 hours away. But, they gave us money for gas. So we pile in the car and we are on the way without a second thought. We've got music going, snacks. All around just enjoying a good time.

Finally, we get off the highway and find ourselves in a secluded forested town. Nbd. We find the last turn and are going down a tiny dirt road with thick, thick forest on both sides. Eventually the radio starts to cut away a little bit and I turn it down so we aren't just listening to static. But this little dirt road just goes on and on and on, to the point of absurdity. So me and Tisyan start joking about "who in the world would come out THIS far to build a house?!?". Then, and this will stick with me for the rest of my life, this overpowering smell comes into the car. Copper. So thick it's almost suffocating. We both retched and it made my stomach turn. It was so heavy in the air I felt like it could be cut with a knife.

We kept going though and eventually we made it to a wooden bridge about 20 feet long.

As we kept on going the smell dissipated and the radio came back in. We eventually made it to a clearing with about 5 houses. Which we immediately started laughing about. Not only did they come all the way out here to build one house, but they built 5! In the middle of the woods! Why?

We pick up his cousin, Shy (Yes, this is her name). And I immediately ask her about the smell coming in. She has no clue what I'm talking about, there has never been a smell before.

But she gets in the car, and is about our age and has the same taste in music.

A song comes on that she likes and she wants to turn it up. So we do. And now it's almost midnight and we are blasting music back down the absurdly long road back the way we came.

As expected the radio starts to cut out little by little and then the smell hits us again. Not gradually though, more like smacking into a wall made of pennies. I immediately turn to Shy and ask again. And she is absolutely disgusted and ensures us this is NOT normal.

But as she is saying that we come back onto that bridge. And as we are making it over suddenly, the car stops. I turn to Tisyan and ask what he's doing.

"It's not me!" And he lifts his knee higher to show that he's stepping on the gas. And that's when I hear the terrible sound of tires not making connection with the ground. And the car starts ever so slightly lifting from the back. We all immediately look out the back window and are met with nothing but darkness. The angle we are at isn't anything extreme. Just enough to feel your weight shift. But whatever it is it's lifting a Chevy Tahoe. Shy immediately starts screaming. And admittedly I am freaking out a little too. And the sounds of static, a girl screaming, and the engine and tires spinning freely are getting to me.

I'm frantically looking out every window trying to assess the situation. But I just don't see anything.

Then, Tisyan yells out in panic. And just then, suddenly the back end drops.

The car lurches forward and we very nearly almost run into a tree, but thankfully Tisyan regains control.

We speed out of there as fast as we could and very quickly the smell clears and we find ourselves out of the forest and back on a paved road.

When the radio came back the mood was entirely too wrong so I just turned it off as we drove down the lonely highway in silence.

When we made it to a gas station we immediately went to the back of the Tahoe to see a giant dent covering most of the center.

And then Tisyan finally broke the silence. "I think I saw it"

Shy then replied "I did too"

I didn't see anything at all but when I pressed for information it was clear they didn't want to talk about it.

Years later when I brought it up one day Tisyan swears he saw what looked like hooves very briefly in the side view mirror. Being a skeptic I'm not sure I really trust him but I also have absolutely 0 clue what could have lifted the back of a Tahoe.

Honestly I've told this story to many of my friends and never once have I or anyone else thought of something logical that makes sense.

And Paranormal makes even less sense.

Why would a paranormal being capable of lifting a Tahoe let us go?

Really wish I just got out of the car and checked out what happened.

It's a question that has stuck with me my whole life.

Posted on Reddit by Velharri.

More Like This

Our bizarre experiences with the forest behind our house eventually forced us to move out.

I was 8 years old when we first moved into the house on the edge of the forest. My parents had their doubts about buying a house with a backyard bordered by forest, they had concerns about wild animals getting into our bins or hurting our dogs, and were worried one of us might go too far into the trees and get lost. But it was cheap, my dad liked the seclusion, my mom loved the house itself, and my siblings and I were excited about playing in the backyard and exploring the forest.

Our first sign that something wasn't right was that our dogs were absolutely terrified of the forest. They never went into the forest for any reason. If a toy they'd been playing with found its way past the treeline, they would refuse to retrieve it, and when one of us went in they would pace anxiously until we returned. On occasion we'd notice the dogs staring at a spot in the forest in obvious distress, sometimes growling or barking, but we could never see anything there. My brother once carried one of the dogs into the trees to show her there was nothing scary about it, but she wriggled out of his grip and sprinted into the house in a panic.

If we were in the backyard when it was getting dark, we sometimes heard noises like someone was walking through the forest, sticks crunching underfoot, branches being pushed aside. If we called out there was no response, but if we shined a flashlight around we would occasionally catch a glimpse for just a split second of something that we could swear looked like a person walking around in the dark. My parents quickly banned us from entering the forest at all after dark, and even during the day we weren't allowed to go out of sight of the house.

My sister's bedroom window looked out at the backyard and the forest beyond, and she remembers looking out her window one night and seeing a shadowy figure standing right at the edge of the backyard. She says there was something wrong with it. Like it wasn't quite standing on the ground, and it was a little too tall to be a person, and it was sort of distorted. And she was convinced it was staring at her. She called for our dad, saying there was a man in the yard staring through her window, and when he ran outside to chase off whoever it was, she continued to watch the figure. It didn't move away, but when the light from our dad's flashlight passed over it, it suddenly just wasn't there anymore.

We regularly heard knocking at the back door at night, with no one there. Our parents thought it was teenagers playing pranks, and stopped bothering even opening the door, until one rainy night when the knocking was persistent and agitated. My mom pointed out there might be someone needing shelter from the heavy rain outside, but when she opened the door, not only was there no one there, but there were no wet footprints on the porch. The knocking continued the whole time we lived there, it would happen several times in the span of a few weeks, then stop for months, then start up again. My parents eventually installed a security camera, and there was never anyone at the door.

The camera wasn't all useless though. About three years into living there, my brother started having night terrors and sleepwalking. When he went sleepwalking, he would always go out the back door and start walking towards the forest. My mom, being a light sleeper, would hear the door open, and would run out to get him before he made it into the forest. After the third or fourth time it happened, my brother asked to see the camera footage, because he wanted to see how he looked when sleepwalking, I guess thinking it'd look funny. The footage showed him walking out onto the porch, then pausing as if listening to something, and shaking his head, then reluctantly walking forward as if being pulled or forcefully guided by something.

One evening my dad was in the backyard, and he heard my sister calling him from the forest, seemingly in distress. Thinking she'd gone exploring in the forest and fallen over and hurt herself, he ran in and started calling to her, but quickly realized it was too dark to see her, and he couldn't pinpoint where her voice was coming from. He told her to wait where she was while he grabbed a flashlight. When he ran back into the house for the flashlight, he saw my sister inside, safe and completely unconcerned.

At the time my dad hadn't told us about hearing my sister's voice in the forest, so when I heard my mom's voice coming from the forest months later while I was outside with the dogs one evening, I didn't question it despite the fact I'd seen my mom inside recently and hadn't noticed her walk past me. My mom was calling to me, saying she'd gotten her sweater caught in some branches and needed me to come in and help her. As I walked in, the dogs started barking, alerting my dad, who saw me through the window wandering into the forest. He came outside and called to me, and I said I was just helping mom. He yelled back that mom was inside and I needed to run back to the house as fast as I could, which I did.

After this, my parents had a fence built around the backyard, and started looking for a new place. In the time between the fence being built and us moving out, it got way worse. We'd hear knocking at the door more regularly, as well as tapping on the windows, as if someone was walking the perimeter of the house and trying every window. We would often hear scratching and scraping sounds on the fence, and voices beyond it. My brother's night terrors got more frequent, and one night my mom didn't hear the door open when he went sleepwalking, and he woke up standing at the fence, staring into the forest, with the dogs barking at him. The last morning we spent there, less than four years after we moved in, we woke up to find the back door fully open, and the security camera footage showed it slowly swing open on its own.

Since moving out, my brother's sleepwalking has stopped, though he still gets night terrors and he suffers from pretty severe anxiety. A few nights ago, he called me out of the blue, and after a bit of small talk he asked me if I think the door being opened that final night means whatever was out there finally got in. He was trying to make light of it, saying he was getting into the spirit of Halloween, joking about how maybe we should all get exorcised just in case something latched onto us all those years ago. But I think he's deeply bothered by everything that happened. I know I still am a little, I still get nervous around dark wooded areas. I don't know what I think was out there, in the forest behind our house at night. But I get the feeling that, given the chance, it would have swallowed us whole.

Posted on Reddit by Wispified.

Moonlit Songs

190𝐾 𝑅𝐸𝐴𝐷𝑆 𝑂𝑁 𝐼𝑁𝐾𝐼𝑇𝑇!! I grip the hair at the nape of his neck as his tongue slides past my lips and pushes against mine in a synced rhythm.

My raging thoughts and concerns are soon engulfed with his intoxicating scent and taste, the intensity of it all making my head spin.

I jump slightly as he releases a low growl against me, tugging on my bottom lip between his teeth.

Astrea Pine's simple life changes after the two mysterious and beautiful, Xander and Thea, walk into her life.

Caught in the middle of a raging battle between two rivaling species - The Protectors of the Land and The Protectors of the Sea - she soon finds herself on a self-discovering journey, and along the way falling for the unexpected.

Will she be able to help these creatures overcome their differences and face the inevitable? Or will she find herself on the losing end of the battle? Added to Werewolf Reading List - Werewolf Romance JUNE 2021 Some rankings 43 in Forest 4122021 372 in Paranormal 412021 2 in Xander 732020 1 in Thea 722020 1 in Blackwood 8122020 29 in Swimming 11292020 59 in Ocean 182021 101 in Wolfpack 6172020 in LGBTQ - Phoenix Awards 2020 in Mythology - Cerulean Awards 2020

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Please don't think I'm crazy. We saw what I can only describe as the creature from the "Predator" movies (San Bernardino Ntnl Forest)

This happened on Thursday. Been looking for a place to ask questions and share this experience. Idk if this sub is the right place, feel free to pass my story along if you know somewhere better.

This is where we were 3412'43"N 11655'49"W

- this is about how far off the trail we ventured I estimate, not very far as you can see

OK, I totally understand if no one believes this, because we are still unsure of what the #$@$ happened, but we sat down, and came to a consensus on the events, and all agreed we witnessed the same thing. Me and three buddies were hiking thurfri in SBNF. Various trails, mostly the known ones, and mostly during the day.

Friday, we were making our way to Clark's Summit. As we were walking, one by one we noticed that we were veering off the trail. I asked my friend in front of me why he was going off the trail, and he asked our friend who was in front of him the same thing. The friend in front told us "I can hear a woman talking, you guys don't hear that?" (we didn't hear anything). We tried to convince her to leave it be, because it was already kind of dark, and we were close to where we wanted to set up camp on the trail. The friend in front is female, and insisted that what she heard sounded like a female calling for help, and that she sounded "really close" so I think she felt inclined to investigate a possible female in distress, while we were totally okay with going about our business.

Okay, I get a bit spooked now because she's absolutely serious, and we absolutely could not hear whatever she was hearing. Here's where it got weird. We only ventured off the trail about 300-400m, yet at one point, we were completely lost. We don't have any fancy gear or GPS stuff because we've never needed it, but we've been on this trail enough to know we hadn't gone far, yet we couldn't find the trail in any direction after waking for about 15-20 mins. I started to feel weird, kinda dizzylightheaded, and when I mentioned this the other two said they felt weird as well.

It was like something had changed the environment around us, or moved us somehow to another location. I had no idea which way to go and now it was fully dark. My female friend said the woman's voice had said "I'm over here", and "Please help me". She said it sounded like she was hurtcrying. So here we are, somehow lost, after only walking for about 20 mins off a large trail because my friend is hearing voices. We decided to stop walking in any direction, because the last thing you want to do at night is get even more lost. We had 2 tents, and sleeping bags in our packs, so we found a clearing and set up. We figured once the sun was out, we'd easily find our way back to the trail.

Before we could even lay down to rest, I noticed a tree near us was moving as if something was climbing it. It was really dark, and I wear glasses so I really struggled to see, so I called them over to see. I thought it was an animal at first... But it wasn't an animal, it wasn't anything! I could see the "outline" of what roughly looked like a human shape, but it was transparent, like completely see-through. The best way I can describe it, is the way heatwaves look on the pavement in the summer, you know, that wavyliquid effect. They saw it too, my male buddy said "what the #$@$ are we looking at" when he finally spotted it. They all said the same thing, it was transparent, but still visible due to the foliage around it being displaced and moving as it moved.

We all just stood stone still whispering theories back and forth as to what we thought we were seeing. I thought maybe it was some kind of optical illusion, but they both immediately jumped to aliens of course. The thing just sat there, perched on a large branch about 50ft up. It's like it was watching us watch it. The other oddity is that after staring at this thing for about 10 minutes, we noticed all the normal forest sounds we heard prior had stopped COMPLETELY. I mean the only noise was us talking, and the leaves under our feet. The hairs on my neck stood up, and I had goosebumps all over when I realized this, like something was truly wrong.

After about 10 minutes of us standing there, whatever this thing was started to climb up the tree even more, until we could no longer see it all. We approached the base of the tree slowly, and walked around in a circle with our necks craned up trying to see this thing. It was too dark, and the trees were too close for us to see the top. We didn't hear it jump to another tree, so we assumed it was still up there. We were all too spooked obviously to camp right underneath whatever this was, so we gathered our $#!# and started walking towards the moon. I $#!# you not, after about 5 minutes of walking, we were back on the trail! I literally dropped my bag and said what the #$@$ out loud. We all stood there confused, looking around trying to confirm what we were seeing.

My buddy likes to joke, and said maybe we walked through some hallucinogenic spores, and had imagined all of that. I highly doubt that, but whatever happened, it seemed kind of, I guess predatory. Like it seems like something was luring us, or trying to confuse us. My friend still thinks we were #$@$ing with her about not hearing the woman she claimed to hear. Was it that thing we saw imitating a woman? How did we get lost so close to the trail? This was easily the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in the wilderness. We still don't have a good theory as to what we saw. It may not have been an alien, but whatever it was, it was humanoid, and was 100 transparent...somehow, and able to climb a really large tree with ease, without making much noise. I would love to hear any theories about what this may have been. Has anyone else seen anything like this in the woods??

Edit: I feel I should mention, no drugs were consumed.

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With my deranged captor now dead, I finally escaped alive into the forest, albeit bloodied and hobbled.

I struggled westward down the hill on one good leg, the streetlights of a nearby town calling to me as I fought to ignore the howling growing louder from the east.

Posted on Reddit by ReallyBuffHamster.

Forest of Hearts

When Elle's Home Economics class goes on a field trip to a deserted hotel in the middle of nowhere, everything seems to be going fine...

Until there's a scream at midnight.

Forest of Hearts on Wattpad

She twirled her thin arms and danced in the forest while the fairies sang their cheerful songs.

When the search party finally found her, the poisonous berries had germinated and rooted the tiny skeleton to the ground.

Posted on Reddit by Sarsipious101.

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